Drying Machine

SED-SDG Series Vacuum Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Machine Large Scale

Freeze-dried food, also known as FD food. Because of the special treatment process of freeze-drying, the color, fragrance, nutrition, appearance and shape of the original fresh food can be maintained to the greatest extent; in addition, freeze-dried products can be stored at room temperature for more than 5 years without preservatives, freeze dried food is lightweight, easy to carry and transport, it is an excellent choice for processing tourism, leisure and convenience food.

SED-SDG Series Vacuum Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Machine Large Scale

Freeze-dry (brief named FD) is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials


Fruits & Vegetables

Freeze drying helps preserve vitamins and protein structures. This way, fruits and vegetables actually remain in an uncooked state.


Shell Nuts

Minimize the residual humidity in the relatively dry nuts either to best prepare them for grinding or to enhance their shelf life.



Gentle drying helps to preserve or condition your germed seeds for further processing.


Grasses & Herbs

Gentle low temperature drying helps to best manufacture your products. Applications are manifold and individual.


Meat & Seafood

Do you wish to create a new snack? Sausage chips, salami chips, ham chips or dried meat, meat chips, beef jerky or any other odd idea. 


Feed / Pet Food

Believe me that your pets would like freeze dry snacks. Are you looking for a low temperature drying system to preserve valuable ingredients in your products?  Or do you want to find a system to make your product sterile so that you need higher temperatures? We can offer solutions to meet any challenge!


Dairy Products

Adding some freeze-dried yogurt cubes to your fitness meal would be a good idea.


Instant Food

Seasoning ingredient of instant noodles,instant soup and instant porridge can also be produced by vacuum food freeze dryer.

applications of freeze dryer machine

         SED-100SDG Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine

Product structure

Technical parameters


Design StandardCGMP                                                                                             

   Public distribution

Power three-phase and five-wire   system




heating function 


Can choose steam   heating

Cooling water qty


Cooling water of refrigerant system

43 m3/h

Cooling water by heat

10 m3/h

Cooling water of vacuum pump

2 m3/h

Compressed air

≥0.45 m3/minP=0.5-0.8Mpa

Defrost water

≥8T (Temperature 50-60,pressure   0.1MPa)

Whole volume


 (According   to design standard)


Integral (Horizontal drum-type)

Total weight


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