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Drying Granulator

What Is Granulator Used for?

Granular drugs are not new to people, usually sick cold time will have their shadow.The granulator, such as the dry granulator, plays a key role in the production of granular drugs.It is understood that the dry granulation machine can achieve the requirements of one-step granulation, will be complex processing links integrated together, and complete closed processing, so that the processed granule medicine in the appearance has been improved, and easy to store and transport.

The dry granulator controls the solubility, porosity and surface area of the drug. “the dry granulator improves the drug in every way,” said the company.To meet the fast-paced needs of modern people.”

How Does A Dry Granulator Machine Work?

Dry granulation machine is a new granulation method developed after the second generation granulation method “one-step granulation”. It is an environmentally friendly granulation process, which can directly press powder into particles.In the process of pharmaceutical production, the dry granulator has been widely used, especially for granulating materials that are easy to decompose or agglomerate when wet or hot. The granulators formed by the dry granulator can be directly pressed into tablets or filled into capsules.

Compared with wet granule, dry granule requires less equipment, less maintenance cost, less land area and less production and processing cost.In addition, compared with the wet granule method, the dry granule method is simpler to process, thus reducing the link of GMP certification.

How to Solve the Problems in the Production Process of Dry Granulator?

However, there is a user response, dry granulator in the use of the process, often appear particle hardness, particle size is not uniform, roll and other major problems, affecting the process of granulation.

One, the grain is excellent.The industry said, encountered the problem of particle hardness, need to pay attention to is that, if the pressure of the dry granulation process is too high, the pressure of the dry particles is too hard, if the next tablet, due to the dry particles are too hard, the loss of compressibility, resulting in the compression of the tablet, to a greater pressure to form, machine vibration.If it is capsule, because the dry particles are too hard, loss of compressibility, resulting in the capsule filling process due to the column can not afford to jilt materials, so that the loading difference is far beyond the limit.

Second, particle size uniformity.In order to deal with the problem of even distribution of particles during pressing, several aspects need to be considered: to ensure even mixing under high-speed stirring; to control the fine powder below 80 mesh within a certain limit; to use a forced feeding device to prevent lamination during pressing.Reasonable consideration above a few respects, can control the evenness of product very well.

Third, roll problem.The inside of the roller is filled with cooling water, and the rotating roller and the static cooling water pipe have a dynamic sealing device. However, if the roller is used for a long time, the leakage will occur under great pressure.

At present, some manufacturers have improved the roller structure, so that the cooling water directly to the surface of the roller, can effectively reduce the surface temperature of the roller, also reduce the possibility of leakage, it should be said that is a progress.Industry expenditure, due to the material selection and processing technology, many rollers after use, because of the granulation pressure is larger, after a period of use, roll wear, damage and other conditions, so many manufacturers in the use of a period of time after the purchase of roll.

Granule medicine market prospect is huge, dry method granule machine equipment market demand will also usher in growth.In this context, the manufacturer of dry granulation mechanism still needs to improve the technology and structural design to meet the needs of users.

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