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Centrifuge is an important equipment in pharmaceutical industry, it can be used for blood separation, virus research, DNA research, drug purification and so on.Centrifugation is to use the powerful centrifugal force generated by the rotor of the centrifuge to speed up the settling speed of particles in the liquid and separate the material with different settling details and buoyancy density in the sample.

How can high-speed centrifuge reduce vibration?

In general, only when the working speed of the centrifuge is not at the critical speed can the rotor move smoothly.For the low-speed centrifuge with low working speed, half of them should increase the critical speed as much as possible so that the centrifuge can operate below the critical speed.

However, due to the user's improper operation, often cause some accidents.Experts said that once the vibration occurred at a high speed, should immediately stop the operation of the key, with a faster speed down gear to stop the centrifuge, all personnel should also quickly leave the scene, so as to avoid the occurrence of shaft accidents such as injuries.

Experts remind: "the user can not power off during the operation, once the power off, the brake (rapid deceleration) will not be, the rotor will be slow to stop.Some accidents are caused by improper operation of centrifuges.

How to eliminate the fault of unsteady centrifuge speed?

The speed of centrifuge is to change the conduction Angle of thyristor through adjustable resistance, and then the thyristor controls the voltage at both ends of the motor after rectifying, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the speed.

In principle, all four scenarios are possible.First, adjustable resistance, because adjustable resistance installed on the control panel, the use frequency is very high, a long time, there will be poor contact, this situation is very common.

Second, the thyristor problem, which is usually a breakdown short circuit, open circuit, can not trigger or internal contact poor.Third, only one of the four rectifying diodes is in question.

Fourth, the motor rotor and commutator between the toner or brush itself bad.Manufacturers suggest that the adjustable resistance can be measured first, although the value of the resistance is adjusted and regular changes, to prove that the potentiometer is good, and then the measurement of thyristor also found no problem.

If measuring four rectifier diode, when he found there was a good bad, perhaps because of the diode is high electric golden seal tube end screw fastening on circuit boards, wire welding, the other end to the circuit boards, removed from the circuit board, found a loose phenomenon, is the cathode side measurement again, shaking, so as to confirm the stand or fall of diode.

Fifth, if the measurement of other three diodes is normal, when comparing the measurement, found that two types of diode positive and negative polarity is completely opposite, so in the installation, must pay attention to the same model, with the specification of components.When the same specification, the same model of components, power test machine, to return to normal.

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