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Capsule counting machine is a kind of machine which is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries.The machine is small in volume, light in weight, accurate in counting and simple in operation.The contact surface of counting items is made of stainless steel, which is an ideal special equipment for counting products in bottles, bags and cans in various industries.The industry said that with the upgrading of the concept of consumption, the accuracy of capsule counting machine more and more attention by manufacturers.Below, the author briefly talks about several factors that affect the accuracy of capsule counting machine.

Human factors

The operator did not preheat the machine before starting up as required by the operating procedure.Or during the operation of the machine, the operator does not timely replenish the materials in the bin, which will affect the separation state of the materials on the oscillating plate, resulting in inaccurate product count.

The machine factors

For example, the design of the silo does not take into account the change of gravity, which will affect the fluidity of materials in the oscillating plate and material sequencing.The drop between the memory baffle and the falling grain shield is too big, and the fall time of the material is too long. The material rotates in the falling grain shield and cannot fall into the packaging bottle in time, resulting in the incorrect number of grains.Capsules capsule counting machine fall grain of shield USES is organic glass materials, materials from channel free fall detection in electrostatic shield in the high speed rotating friction, or some of the Chinese native medicine ingredient will generate static electricity, in the process of friction material by adsorption on the fall grain of shield to make it effective for reducing fall on the bottle, can cause several 

grain is not allowed.

In addition, when installing and adjusting the machine, the oscillating plate is adjusted horizontally and leaned forward, so that the material naturally falls into the detection channel when the oscillating plate stops vibrating, which will also cause false count.

Material factors

The three levels of oscillating plate used to produce capsules, tablets and pills have completely different oscillation frequencies.Or when producing tablets and capsules, due to more dust brought by materials, dust accumulation in the detection channel blocks infrared ray, so that the counting circuit cannot work normally.

The environment

The quality of compressed air can affect the accuracy of counting.Compressed air with high water content has a great influence on the sensitivity of the cylinder of the executive element. Once the sensitivity of the cylinder decreases, the accuracy of counting cannot be guaranteed.

Parameter setting

The setting of the gate size of the silo, the setting of the oscillation frequency of the three-stage oscillation plate, the setting of the product length and small parameters, the setting of the estimated value, the setting of the counting speed and the setting of the separation speed all affect the accuracy of the capsule counting machine.

Cylinder sensitivity decreased

As an executive component of capsule counting machine, the time of reaction directly affects the accuracy of counting.The reasons for the decrease of cylinder sensitivity mainly include: moisture content in the compressed air, special oil for the cylinder, impurities entering the cylinder, wear and leakage of the cylinder seal, etc

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