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Capsule filling machine is a specialized equipment that automatically transfers, spreads, fills and locks capsules. Not only is it widely used in the field of pharmaceutical production, it can also meet the needs of large-scale production of enterprises, greatly saving financial resources and manpower investment.

Classification of Hard Capsule Filling Machines

The automatic capsule filling machine has become an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule medicines in the pharmaceutical industry. According to the movement status, the automatic capsule filling machine is mainly divided into two types: intermittent movement and continuous movement; according to the structure, it can be divided into metering disc and needle tube type. At present, the metering disc is mainly used in large scale production.

At present, the capsule filling machines seen on the market mainly include manual capsule filling machines, semi automatic capsule filling machines and fully automatic capsule filling machines. Among them, the automatic capsule making machine is becoming an economical and practical equipment for filling capsule products in the pharmaceutical industry and the health care product industry because of its more professional and safe characteristics. Its market sales are showing a good upward trend.

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How to Improve the Filling Quality of Capsule Filling Machine?

In addition to the quality of the equipment itself, the equipment environment, transportation process, and various stations will all have an impact on the filling quality. Users need to pay special attention to several positions of the equipment when operating, including the following parts.

First, the capsule U-turn and separation station. This station is the capsule feeding and separating mechanism, and the purpose is to feed the capsule into the module and separate the capsule body and capsule cap for the next step of drug filling.

The common problems of this station include poor separation, flying caps, etc. The technicians remind that the pressure adjustment for vacuum separation should be appropriate. Flying caps will occur if pressure is too large, while poor separation will occur if pressure is too small. At the same time, capsules must be purchased from regular manufacturers and passed inspection.

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Second, filling station. This station mainly controls the filling weight of the capsule contents. The main common problem is the unstable weight of the filling contents.

The main reasons include three aspects: one is the poor alignment of the metering plate and the lower module, which makes the weight of some finished capsules light. The technical staff pointed out that it is not easy to find out the problem. The user must assemble the device before production. The alignment must be completed when debugging the equipment; second, the gap between the spacer block and the metering plate is too large, so that the medicine passes through the gap during filling. Flowing into the metering hole, causing the weight of the capsule  too large. It is reported that it is generally better to adjust the gap between the spacer block and the measuring plate to 0.05~0.1mm. If too small, the measuring plate will be worn and the equipment will be damaged.

In addition, the height of the powder on the metering plate also has a certain effect on the filling weight. If the height of the powder is too low, the powder will not flow into the metering hole in time and the capsule will be light. If the height is too high, too much medicine will flow into the metering plate. The weight is too heavy.

Third, the waste capsule removal station. The function of this station is to discharge the poorly separated capsules in the above station. The key here is to adjust the vacuum negative pressure to ensure that all unseparated capsules can be removed, and the capsule cap in the upper module cannot be sucked away. If the vacuum is too small, bad capsules cannot be completely eliminated; if the vacuum is too large, the caps of the capsules will be sucked away, causing unnecessary waste and reducing the yield.

Fourth, the capsule locking station. This station is to fit the filled capsule into the capsule body and capsule cap, which is an important step in capsule filling.

Common problems in this station include: the capsule is inserted and split, the main reason is the poor alignment of the upper and lower modules, the capsule body and the capsule cap are not on the same center line when the capsule is locked, causing damage to the capsule body or capsule cap; poor locking state, Including the collapse of the capsule, damage to the capsule, separation of the finished capsule body and the capsule cap. The main cause of deflated head and damage of the capsule is caused by the too short locking length; the separation of the capsule body and the capsule cap is caused by the too long locking length, which causes the capsule not to be locked, and the separation of the capsule body and the cap during the capsule transportation.

Capsule Filling Machine in China

Facing the huge blue ocean of the market, China’s fully automatic capsule filling machine market is facing great opportunities. However, with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical companies have also put forward higher requirements for capsule filling equipment, such as higher conditions in terms of the stability, accuracy, and quality of the filling equipment, and how to facilitate the removal and washing and other issues urgently need to be solved by capsule filling machine manufacturers.

SED Pharma Capsule Filling Machine     

Our capsule filling machine has been improved and upgraded according to customer needs. This equipment is an intermittent operation, fully automatic hard capsule filling equipment with orifice disk filling. Specially combined the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and the requirements of GMP for optimized design. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small model, low noise, accurate filling dose, complete functions, and stable operation. It can also complete sac, sub-capsule, filling, and actions such as rejecting waste, discharging and module cleaning. It is an ideal hard capsule filling equipment for manufacturers of medicines and health products.

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