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As an important mechanical equipment in the field of pharmaceutical drying, a hot air circulation oven can dry materials by air convection, with uniform drying effect and temperature completely selected by users.Hot air circulation oven is also widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry, heavy industry and other industries of materials and products heating and curing, drying and dehydration.

In addition, the hot air circulation oven sealing performance is better, has the sterilization effect, the material is safer, can obtain the rapid drying effect, achieves shortens the production cycle, saves the energy, improves the product quality the goal.

The industry believes that, at present, the hot air circulation oven technology has entered a relatively mature stage, its production of products can also meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

Not only that, but some companies have also combined the current trend to use computer systems to enhance controllability and increase automation requirements, making it easier for workers to operate.

However, some users said that in the process of use it is inevitable that there will be some glitches, for some glitches, manufacturers introduced, can first observe the hot air circulation oven is placed heating items too dense, high temperature filter is blocked, whether the air volume adjustment plate is changed.

If there is no fault mentioned above, the user can judge whether there is a fault in the circulation fan.If there is a problem, the hot air circulation will not be good, hot and humid air can not be properly discharged.

The user can also analyze the fault phenomenon and the circuit principle of the oven. The oven can be heated, indicating that the output signal of the GCD-23A intelligent computer temperature controller is normal, and the input and output signal of PLC is normal.

After that, the user can check the PID adjustment parameters to see if it is considered an operation, resulting in the change of parameters, resulting in abnormal action of the system.The circulation fan can also be tested for normal operation and correct steering.

In addition to the above mentioned, the user can also check the mechanical aspects whether there is no cleaning chamber, vibration, bearing overheating, damage, the wind blade loose cleaning case housing and other faults, can be eliminated according to the situation.Of course, it is also necessary to test the solid state relay and heater for local short circuit.

Failure is common, but in order to provide users with higher quality, more advanced technology hot air circulation oven, the relevant enterprises still need to strengthen research and development and innovation.

Taking energy saving and environmental protection as an example, some manufacturers indicated that the energy-saving type of hot air circulation oven could be improved from the following perspectives: increasing the air temperature at the inlet of hot air circulation oven and reducing the exhaust gas temperature at the outlet of drying equipment.Increasing the air temperature at the inlet of the drying equipment is beneficial to improving the thermal efficiency of the oven.

However, the inlet air temperature is limited by the allowable temperature of the product.Therefore, the air temperature at the inlet of the drying equipment can be much higher than the allowable temperature of the product.

And do a good job in the heat preservation of the drying system, reduce the drying process of all kinds of heat loss, the heat loss of the hot air circulation oven is generally not more than 10%, if the heat preservation of large and medium-sized production equipment is appropriate, the heat loss is about 5%.

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