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What is Cartoning Packaging Machine?

Cartoning machine is one kind of packaging machinery, including automatic cartoning machine, semi-automatic cartoning machine and so on. For example, a medicinal automatic cartoner machine automatically loads medicine bottles, medicinal plates, ointments and instructions into a folding carton, and completes the box-closing action. In addition, some full-featured automatic cartoning machines also have additional functions such as attaching sealing labels or performing heat shrink wrap.

How Does a Cartoner Work?

The auto cartoning machine feed is generally divided into three entrances: manual entrance, material entrance and package entrance.

The whole process from machine-pack box feeding to final packaging molding can be roughly divided into four stages: unboxing, opening, filling, and closing.

working principle of cartoning packaging

working principle of cartoning packaging

Main Processing Steps

– First, the carton is fed from the blanking device to the conveyor belt, and the machine transmits the command to the folding machine and the suction box device.

– The box suction device takes out the box in the library and puts it on the moving rail.

– The guide rail clamp fixes the carton, and the push plate pushes the carton open. The two plywood moving with the carton rises from both sides of the guide rail to clamp the sides of the carton from the front to back, so that the carton opens at a right angle and moves forward to the filling area.

– The conveyor belt of the automatic cartoner pack machine transports the materials, and the push rod pushes the materials into the empty boxes in the loading area.

– After the material is pushed into the box by the push rod, the carton will enter the closing station driven by the guide rail. Before closing the box cover, the mechanine will first bend the tongue of the box, and the push plate will push the box cover to bend so that the tongue can be inserted into the box.

What are the Types of Cartoning Machines?

The cartoning machine can be divided into vertical cartoning machine and horizontal cartoning machine according to the machine’s own structure. The model in which the packaged material is pushed into the carton in the horizontal direction is called the horizontal type, and the model in which the packaged material enters the carton in the vertical direction is called the vertical type.

Vertical Cartoning Machine

The vertical automatic carton box packing machine can pick one out of the stacked boxes and open it to form. Vertically put the product, bag or several products into the box through the end of the opened box, and then fold the corners of the box and insert the box tongue or use glue to close the box. The vertical cartoneris widely used in packaging bottles, beverages, medicines, cosmetics and other products.

Horizontal Cartoning Machine

Different from the vertical cartonator packing machine, the horizontal cartoning machine loads the products, bags or several products from the horizontal direction into the inside of the box through the two ends of the opened box, and then closes the box. The horizontal cartoning machine can carton a variety of products, such as soap, medicine, food, hardware, auto parts, etc.

carton packing machine application

application of carton packing machine

In addition, according to other different standards, there are more types of cartoning machines. For example, according to the level of automation, it can be divided into semi-automatic cartoning machines and fully automatic cartoning machines; the different sealing methods can be divided into glue-spraying cartoning machine, inserting box cartoning machine and buckle bottom cartoning machine; when used in different industries, it can be divided into medicine cartoning machine, food cartoning machine, toy cartoning machine, cosmetic cartoning machine, etc.

What are the Advantages of a Cartoner?

– It can be used alone or connected with other equipment such as cartoning machine for blister and filling machine to match the corresponding machinery and produce together

– Fully automatic packaging machinery, which can improve production efficiency and delivery time, also reduce labor costs

– Multi-function boxing operation, all kinds of complex boxing tasks are completed at the same time

– PLC control system, fault removal display device, easy operation

– The whole machinery can be moved arbitrarily, which is convenient for adjusting boxes of various specifications

This article offers you some answers including the using process, types and advantages of cartoner, which may help you to buy cartoning machine. As one of the leading cartoning machine manufacturers, SED Pharma provides you professional horizontal and vertical cartoning machines with pre-sales and after-sales service. If you need more information about our products, please feel free to contact us!

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