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Ultrapure water machine is a kind of water treatment equipment, which plays a key role in the success or failure of the experiment or the accuracy of the test data.It is widely used in precision laboratories, hospitals and some large factories.

The principle of ultrapure water machine is that the tap water through the pretreatment unit, the removal of larger particles, suspended matter and part of the organic matter in the water.Then it enters the reverse osmosis unit and carries out interception removal of ionic and macromolecular substances (such as viruses and microorganisms) in the water.After the purification and superpurification units, the residual micro ions after membrane removal were purified and superpurified to reduce the ion content in the water to trace level.Then UV, ultrafiltration and other technologies are used to ensure that the microorganisms, organic matter and pyrogen in the ultrapure water can meet the requirements of various experimental applications.

How to ensure water quality

The water produced by ultrapure water equipment requires high storage requirements and cannot be in contact with air, otherwise it will react with air and produce pollution.Therefore, when taking water, it should be noted that the initial effluent should be released to obtain stable water quality, and the ultrapure water should be allowed to flow along the side wall of the container, so as not to create bubbles, which can reduce air pollution.

Water storage tanks should not be placed in direct sunlight because rising water temperatures can cause microbial growth.In particular, translucent water storage tanks, also because of daylight permeability and cause algae growth.

At the same time, the industry said that the pipeline material for ultrapure water machine water quality also has an important impact.The user should choose the pipeline with low extraction property and smooth inner wall and reduce the uneven joints and fittings as much as possible.But also according to the grade of pure water quality for material selection, and pay attention to the price of materials, to take into account as a whole.

In addition, with the use of ultrapure water machine more and more extensive, users also need to carry out maintenance, to ensure that its service life will not be shortened, to ensure that the water quality is not affected.

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