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Air drying box is a kind of equipment designed for drying heat sensitive, easy to decompose and easy to oxidize substances.At present, the air drying box has been widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research and application fields.In recent years, China's air drying box industry market is growing, and under the rapid development of pharmaceutical, environmental protection, medical and other industries, its future growth potential is huge.

At present, the domestic air drying box industry has been constantly developed, more and more kinds, equipment market share at home and abroad is increasing.However, compared with foreign desiccant equipment, domestic desiccant level still needs to be improved.

With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, users tend to pay more attention to the drying efficiency and service life of the equipment in addition to cost performance.And these two factors are also factors that affect the stable production of enterprises.

It is reported that many users in the process of drying materials with drying oven, will encounter the material can not be completely dry problem.

Industry says, eliminate equipment itself problem, correct operation is very helpful for the smooth operation of air drying box.Therefore, before using the drying box, the user should check whether the various parts of the equipment, including the circuit, the instrument and so on are normal. When placing the items that need to be dried, enough space must be set aside to allow the air to circulate well.This is helpful for the effect and efficiency of drying, evaporation of water.

The technical personnel that has drying equipment manufacturer suggests, in order to assure the service life of air drying box, the user can make the following effort: one, air drying box should be put in indoor level place.This box is non-explosion-proof drying box, so it contains inflammable and volatile goods. Do not put it in the drying box to avoid happening.

Secondly, after the power is connected, two sets of heating switches can be turned on, and then the key of the control instrument can be set to the temperature required by the user.The indicator light is on and the blower switch can be opened at the same time to make the blower work.

Thirdly, when the temperature is constant, one set of heating switches can be turned off and only one set of electric heaters can be left to work, so as to avoid excessive power and influence the sensitivity of the constant temperature.

Fourth, before the power, check the electrical performance of the air drying box, and should pay attention to whether there is a break or leakage phenomenon.An iron-clad knife switch shall be installed in the power supply line for the special use of the case and the case shall be grounded.

Fifth, do not arbitrarily remove the side door, disturb or change the line, only when the box has a fault can be removed the side door, according to the line inspection.If there is a major failure, you can contact the manufacturer.

In addition, there is a user response, air drying oven exposed to the air heating wire due to high temperature and long-term heating easy oxidation, affect the life.In view of this problem, some experts said that heater can be used coil type electric heating tube, so as to reduce the oxidation rate and increase the life.Manufacturers should also design different types of heating control system according to the production process conditions of users to ensure their efficiency.

At present, there is still a big gap in the market of China's drying box industry, with a considerable market capacity. However, market volume and industry development still need a process, which is inseparable from good environmental policies and the improvement of the overall level of the industry.Therefore, while seeing the market opportunity, China's air drying box manufacturing enterprises also need to seize the market development trend, improve the level of equipment, and help the drying box industry to develop faster.

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