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At present, domestic and foreign granulators are mainly divided into three categories: dry granulator, boiling spray granulator and wet granulator.Among them, in the pharmaceutical industry, the dry granulator is a kind of dry powder into particles of important machinery, due to the continuous improvement of GMP standards, the dry granulator granulation process is also highly valued by the pharmaceutical industry, requirements to meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

According to the working principle of the dry granulator, the dry granulator is to mix the powder and auxiliary materials evenly in the dry granulator, and then transfer them into the dry granulator through two pressing wheels and then into the whole granulator after being broken in the crushing box.

Now has full automatic dry granulator is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry in our country, especially suitable for wet easy to decompose, easy absorption of moisture, the heat sensitive drugs such as granulation, the particles can be used to increase improve liquidity, and filling pressure tablets, capsules, granules, bagging.

It is reported that the newly developed intelligent fully automatic dry granulator has optimized the structural design of the equipment. Compared with the traditional single channel granulator, the designed double-channel granulator has a larger area of holes through the screen.Therefore, under the condition of the same granulation frequency conversion speed, the area of contact between the mesh and the material increases, and the particles are also increased.

In addition, the increased granulator volume can significantly improve the capacity of processing sieve particles, improve the speed of cutting, pressing, feeding three parts, but also effectively improve the overall production capacity of dry granulator.

At the same time, the capacity of the two-channel granulation box to pass through the screen is accelerated, which also reduces the material stored in the granulation box to be screened, effectively avoids the secondary cutting of the material particles to be screened, and improves the grain yield of dry granulation mechanism.

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