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In 1988, the WHO designated December 1 every year as World AIDS Day, and its purpose was to eliminate stigma and discrimination and create a tolerant and friendly social environment. In order to reduce discrimination and create a harmonious social environment, we must carefully understand and follow this group. Form new understandings and correct cognitive misunderstandings, and reverse prejudices.

Today is the 33rd World AIDS Day. According to data released by the UNAIDS, in 2019, there were approximately 1.7 million new HIV infections worldwide and 690,000 deaths from AIDS-related diseases.

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To prevent AIDS, you must understand this core knowledge!

AIDS is not only an issue in the field of public health but also a major challenge that the whole society needs to deal with. Popularization of HIV prevention knowledge is essential.

Regarding AIDS prevention, these key information you need to know:

  1. Unsafe sex is the main cause of the sexual transmission of AIDS. Unsafe sex with a higher risk of HIV infection includes unprotected male same-sex behaviors, non-regular partner sex, and paid sex.
  2. Taking a new type of drug can cause a serious loss of judgment and make people more likely to have unsafe sex. To improve the ability to identify new types of drugs, drugs may be transformed into “Coke”, “milk tea” and “Jelly Peas”, to increase vigilance against drugs, stay away from drugs, and maintain physical and mental health
  3. The correct use of condoms during sex is one of the most effective measures to prevent AIDS.
  4. If you have unsafe sex and suspect that you may be infected with AIDS, you should actively seek AIDS testing. Under the evaluation and guidance of your doctor, use blocking drugs as soon as possible within 72 hours, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection.
  5. Individuals often have behaviors with a higher risk of HIV infection and should be tested regularly for HIV. It is recommended that they should be tested at least twice a year to understand the infection status in time and treat it as soon as possible. The earlier the treatment, the better the recovery of the body’s immune function.
World aids day
  1. Young students are in the sexually active period. They should learn and master the knowledge of sexual health and understand the risk of HIV infection that may be faced by unsafe sex. This is the key to avoiding HIV infection.
  2. In order to maintain personal and family health, during critical periods such as marriage and pregnancy, both spouses should actively undergo HIV testing, so that there is less worry and more peace of mind.
  3. If you don’t know whether your sexual partner has AIDS, instead of having unsafe sex, there is a risk of infection, both parties should be tested for AIDS to ensure each other’s health.
  4. The voluntary counseling and testing clinics of CDCs provide free and privacy-protecting HIV testing and counseling services for individuals in need.
  5. At present, China has approved the listing of AIDS urine self-test reagents, which can be used for self-test at home.
  6. If the self-test result is positive, you must go to a medical institution or CDC for confirmation, and receive a consultation and follow-up treatment services.
  7. People living with AIDS are victims of the disease, and their legal rights and interests such as marriage, employment, medical treatment, and school attendance are protected by law.
  8. After being infected with AIDS, take the initiative to inform your spouse and sexual partner of the infection, and take protective measures to avoid infection by others. Knowing that he is infected with AIDS, he is still engaged in prostitution, whoring, or deliberately failing to take preventive measures to have sex with others and cause a person to be infected with AIDS, he will be punished with the crime of intentional harm according to law.
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