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At present, granule products such as traditional Chinese medicine meet the fast-paced lifestyle of modern people because of their convenience and good curative effect.Data shows that from 2006 to 2017, the national sales volume of TCM prescription granules rose from 228 million yuan to 12.5 billion yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 43.9%, far higher than the compound growth rate of 26.7% of TCM prepared slices in the same period.In addition, the sales of TCM formula granules in grassroots medical institutions are growing strongly, with a growth rate of 67% in the first half of 2018, more than double the 33% growth rate in the whole year of 2017.It can be seen that the market prospect of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules is considerable in the future. Under this background, the processing, packaging and other equipment market related to granular products also usher in a good space for development.

It is understood that the particle filling machine is suitable for medicine, food, chemical, pesticide and other aspects of small bag packaging, especially suitable for the production of granular drugs, granulated sugar, coffee, fruit and other fine particles.Because of its advantages in technology, design and construction, particle filling machine plays a very important role in the packaging production line of particle products.

In addition, good particle filling machine can not only improve the quality of packaging products, but also can effectively improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, greatly reduce the production pressure of the enterprise, bring more benefits for the enterprise.So, in the face of a variety of particle filling machine on the market, how can the user choose to ensure the selection of high-quality equipment?To this, the industry Shared the "three look" principle.

Look at the stability of the product.The industry said that the stability of the product as a major point of purchase, because the stability of particle filling machine will directly affect the packaging accuracy and product quality.

Therefore, when choosing the particle filling machine, the user needs to choose the particle filling machine with high quality and high stability, which can be tested first and purchased after running for a period of time, so as to ensure that the selected equipment can really supervise the packaging work and ensure the packaging accuracy and quality stability control.

Second, the degree of automation control products.At present, with the development of automation technology, the automation degree of particle filling machine is more and more concerned by users, which is related to the production efficiency and cost of enterprises.

Good particle filling machine should meet the characteristics of high degree of automation control, can achieve the whole process of automation without the need for technical staff to supervise and operate.Moreover, the enterprise technical personnel only need to master some key data to achieve its control, very convenient and efficient.

Three look at the product selection of mechanical materials.The industry pointed out that considering some materials contain chemical components, in order to avoid the reaction of these materials in the process of particle filling machine, it is necessary to put forward higher requirements on mechanical materials in the process of purchasing equipment.

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