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Ultrasonic bottle washing machine is the use of ultrasonic cavitation principle, when the ultrasonic bubble suddenly burst moment, will produce more than 1000 atmospheric pressure, this kind of continuous generation of strong micro blasting and shock wave instead of artificial, make the surface of the dirt was washed destroyed, and quickly off.

At present, ultrasonic bottle washing machine has been widely used in the mechanical industry, electronic industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, etc., with the corresponding cleaning agent can be used to clean all kinds of stains.

There are four main reasons for the unsatisfactory cleaning of ultrasonic bottle washing machine.The cleaning liquid level in the cleaning groove of the ultrasonic bottle washing machine is not good, which will lead to unsatisfactory cleaning. The liquid level of the cleaning machine needs to be adjusted to improve the cleaning effect.

Ultrasonic frequency coordination is not well adjusted will cause ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal, need to re-adjust.In addition, if the cleaning tank liquid temperature is too high, will also lead to unsatisfactory cleaning, so to control the temperature of cleaning liquid.And the improper choice of cleaning fluid is one of the causes of ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal, need to choose the right cleaning fluid.

In fact, ultrasonic high speed shock can clean and sterilize the surface of cleaning items, cavitation effect is obvious, cleaning efficiency is significantly higher than manual cleaning, and there will be no cleaning dead Angle and damage.However, these effects are based on correct operation process and reasonable and effective production environment.Therefore, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, operators need to pay attention to some operational matters.

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