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With the rapid development of science and technology, many production processes have been mechanized, greatly liberating manpower. Products such as “candy, medicine, seeds, health care products, personal care industry” are no exception, counting and bottling process are completed by a counting machine. What is the counting machine and what’s the working principle of the automatic counting machine?

What is Capsule Counting Machine?

The capsule counting bottling machine is a machine that is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries to count capsules, tablets, granules, candy and other medicines or foods.

The counting machine is a kind of pharmaceutical machinery. It is ubiquitous in the process of product counting and packaging. The automatic counting machine can accurately count the quantity that a bottle should contain, and even find out which product is defective, and then the defective products are screened out so as not to flow into the market. The automatic counting machine is small in size, light in weight, accurate in counting and easy to operate. The surface of the part in contact with the material is made of food-grade stainless steel, which is a professional equipment for counting bottled, bagged and canned products in various industries.

Automatic Tablet Counting Filling Machine SED-12S

How Does Capsule Counting Machine Work?

Pour the medicine into the top hopper, and adjust the vibration level appropriately, so that the pile-shaped medicine granules in the hopper will gradually slide along the vibrating trough plate into a continuous strip straight down to the discharge opening. Then, the drop detection channel is used to detect the drop of each grain, and use the principle of photoelectric effect to input the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the medicine grains fall to the high-speed microprocessor, and realize the counting function through the cooperation of the circuit and the program.


The tablet counting machine adopts the principle of photoelectric effect. When the medicine particles fall, the signal generated by the photoelectric sensor is used. The operation process:

  • Put the bottle (can be connected to the assembly line)
  • Bottle conveying (automatically realized by the equipment)
  • Bottle positioning
  • Filling of several tablets
  • Repeat the above actions when changing bottles intermittently

Applications of Pill Counting Machine

The electronic counting machine has a wide range of applications. Without changing the structure of the machine, it can count tablets, pills, capsules, soft capsules, transparent capsules, special-shaped tablets and other products. It is easy to switch between different specifications and easy to adjust;

The electronic counting machine adopts an independent optical detection system, which can greatly reduce the shadow caused by dust, thereby ensuring a high level of counting accuracy and speed;

counting machine for candy.jpg


The automatic counting machine can be used alone or in combination with the production line. The counting machine is usually combined with automatic bottle unscrambler, capping machine, automatic liner capping machine, desiccant inserting machine, labeling machine to form a capsule bottle counting line.

Safety Precautions When Operating

1. Confirm that the equipment is installed smoothly.

2. The power supply must have a reliable grounding. The main power supply should be cut off when replacing, plugging in or unplugging the power plug.

3. The power supply must be cut off when the equipment is maintained, cleared, and cleaned. For example, when cleaning components such as the medicine hopper and the vibrating plate, do not splash the cleaning liquid on the electrical components.

4. When maintaining, clearing the site, or repairing equipment, pull out the connectors. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wires. Grasp the plug head and pull it out slowly to avoid breaking the circuit.

5. Pay attention to the voltage at the inlet of the electrical installation board in the chassis.

With such wide application and so many advantages, capsule counting and filling machine has been a necessity during pharmaceutical packaging.

As a leading manufacturer of pharmacy counting and packaging line, SED Pharma can help improve the efficiency of your production line. Contact us if you need any machine information!

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