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pharma blister packaging equipment

Multifunctional aluminum plastic packaging machine has automatic detection function, high rate of bag sorting and bag loading, and the bag can be reused, saving a lot of production costs for users.At present, the multi-functional aluminum plastic packaging machine is widely used for capsule, tablet, icing, capsule, injection and other products blister sealing packaging.

Blister Molding Problem

As is known to all, bubble cover molding is the principle that PVC film (hard piece) is heated through the mold, and compressed air or vacuum is used to form the desired shape and size of the bubble cover. Therefore, when problems occur in the formed bubble cover, these aspects should be addressed:

Whether PVC film (hard) is a qualified product; Whether the temperature of the heating device is too high or too low; Whether the surface of the heating device is adhered to PVC; Whether the molding mold is qualified, whether the molding hole is smooth, whether the air hole is unobstructed; Whether the cooling system of the forming mould works normally and effectively; Vacuum degree and exhaust rate of roller negative pressure molding can reach normal value, and there is no abnormal loss of pipeline; Whether the compressed air formed by plate-type positive compression is clean and dry, whether the pressure and flow can reach the normal value, whether the pipeline has abnormal loss;Whether the flat plate positive pressure molding mold is parallel clamping PVC belt, there is no leakage phenomenon.

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