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In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of health awareness, the market demand for medicines and health products has gradually expanded.Beauty products are more and more popular in the market, and beauty oral liquid is easy to take and easy to carry, which is welcomed by people.The demographic dividend brought by the universal two-child policy will initially appear, or it will boost the market scale of 100 billion children's medicines.From the perspective of children's drug dosage form, granules and oral liquid are suitable dosage forms.These requirements for oral liquid filling equipment – oral liquid filling machine to bring good market opportunities.

In brief, the oral liquid filling machine is designed for the new type of oral liquid easy to pull bottle. It adopts the electric motor to pass the power through the belt wheel to the worm wheel shaft of the reducer, and then the worm wheel shaft passes the power to the dial wheel shaft, the filling part and the rolling cap through the gears.The filling part, the rolling cap and the dial wheel move synchronously, and the filling of oral liquid is completed by transferring the power to the bottle dial wheel device through the bevel gear. The whole filling process has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure and convenient operation.

At present, with the continuous development of automation technology, oral liquid filling machine equipment has changed.Compared with the previous liquid filling machine equipment, the operation is more simple, complete the filling machine real one key operation, not only improve the production power of the enterprise, but also reduce the cost of labor for the enterprise.It is understood that the automatic oral liquid filling machine can not only be used alone, but also has a great role in the production line supporting the use.

However, in the face of the multifarious oral liquid filling machine on the market, the user needs to pay attention to the principle of high cost performance, after-sales service and so on when choosing, first to determine their own will buy filling machine to fill the product.Filling range is different, the price is not the same, if the filling range gap is larger products as far as possible separate machine filling.

Industry recommendations, as far as possible to choose a long history of filling machine enterprises, quality assurance.Select the machine with mature technology and stable quality, so that the packaging is faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low manual, low scrap rate.Filling machine is the consumption of equipment, if the purchase of low-quality machines, in the future daily production of accumulated waste packaging film, is not a small number.In the meantime, if have on-the-spot investigation, want to pay attention to big aspect, more want to pay attention to small detail, often detail decides the quality of complete machine.Bring samples as far as possible.

In addition, no matter which kind of filling equipment, necessary maintenance for the service life of the equipment itself has a great help, oral liquid filling machine is no exception, for this, the industry introduced the oral liquid filling machine maintenance work.

Firstly, as the oral liquid filling machine is a product with a higher degree of automation, it should pay attention to the uniform size of easy to pull bottles, bottle pads and bottle caps in the process of use.

Secondly, before the operation of the equipment, it should be necessary to use the handle to turn the machine, to see whether the rotation is abnormal, and to determine the normal before starting.

Third, if the need to adjust the equipment, pay attention to the appropriate use of tools, do not use too much tool or force to remove parts to avoid damage to the machine or affect the performance of the machine.

Fourth, the user should regularly clean the oral liquid filling machine to ensure that there is no obvious oil, liquid or glass debris on the machine, so as not to cause damage to the machine.

Fifth, oral liquid filling machine in the production process, should be timely removed liquid or glass debris.

The sixth, before the shift should be the machine surface each part clean, and in each activity department with clean lubricating oil.

Its seven, regularly on the oral liquid filling machine to scrub, especially the usual use is not easy to clean the place to wipe or blow clean with compressed air.

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