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Powder packing machine is mainly for easy dispersion of ultrafine powder and high precision packaging requirements and the development and design, according to the weight of the containers in the following the signal of sensor are double speed filling, metering and lifting work, applicable to the pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry such as liquidity generally poorly or automatic quantitative filling of powder material, such as pollen, milk powder, tea powder, powder, powder such as flour, soybean meal, camellia surface objects.At present, with the rapid development of medicine, food and other industries, powder packaging machine also ushered in a better market opportunity.

From the perspective of function, powder packaging machine has a high degree of automation, which has changed the past powder products due to their small size, easy to float, not only convenient for the product packaging, but also a cleaner working environment, to ensure the safety and health of the operator at work has been guaranteed.

At present, with a wide range of powder packaging machine applications, in order to meet the needs of users of a variety of powder packaging, the market launched a multi-functional powder packaging machine, which is also a lot of powder, powder manufacturers more commonly used a packaging equipment.According to the multifunctional powder packaging machine enterprise introduction, it USES wring dragon type design, screw feeding, has the advantages of fast packaging speed, high precision, operation is also relatively simple and convenient, greatly improve the packaging efficiency and packaging quality of the enterprise, so it is more popular among users.

However, if the powder packaging machine can run for a long time, we must pay attention to its daily maintenance, so that it can better for the production of enterprises to bring value.

The industry said that users after use need to pay attention to powder packaging machine maintenance and maintenance work, in order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, extend the life cycle, so as to reduce the cost of the enterprise, to bring more benefits to the enterprise.One of them.Maintenance generally need professional equipment maintenance engineers to operate, in the maintenance of the work, need to pay attention to the following aspects.

First, lubrication.Equipment maintenance personnel should regularly add oil for lubrication at the meshing points of the gears of the powder packaging machine, the oil filling holes of the bearing with the seat and the moving parts. The reducer is strictly prohibited from running without oil.When filling lubricating oil, it is necessary not to put the oil tank on the rotating belt in case of skidding or premature aging and damage of the belt.

Second, the maintenance, before using powder packaging machine, to check the screw, the various parts can not have loose phenomenon, otherwise, will affect the normal machine far, should be paid attention to and electrical parts for the waterproof, moistureproof, anticorrosive, rat, to ensure the electric cabinet and terminals clean place, in case of electrical failure, after downtime, should make the two heat sealing body in the open position, in case of burning the packaging materials.

Third, cleaning.In general, after downtime, should be timely clean the metering section, often should clean heat sealing machine, to ensure that the packing finished sealing lines clear, to the scattered materials should clean up in time, to facilitate clean the parts, and thus prolong its service life, better also often clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case the cause short circuit or electrical faults such as poor contact.

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