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Wet granulator is a kind of suitable for medicine, chemical, food and other industries between powder and powder mixing, powder and binder between the granulator.The whole machine is controlled by programmable program (human-machine interface — option), unified process, to ensure stable quality, manual operation, easy to explore the process parameters and flow.

According to the introduction of experts, the whole process of wet granulating machine consists of mixing and granulating.The adhesive enters the material pot from the conical hopper. After the hopper is closed, the powder will rotate in the container under the agitation of the mixing paddle. Meanwhile, the material will change along the conical wall direction to gradually form the liquid bridge.Under the action of the extrusion, friction and kneading of the material by the blade and cylinder wall, the material is gradually changed into loose material.Then, the discharge door is opened and the wet particles push out the hopper under the action of centrifugal force of the paddle blade.

The expert explained: "the soft material of aggregate structure is not formed into particles through forced extrusion, but through the cutting of pellet-making knife. The soft material is cut into small and uniform particles under semi-flowing state, realizing the mutual transformation of materials."

Advanced wet granulator is controlled by programmable machine (human-machine interface – option), unified process, to ensure stable quality, can also be manually operated, easy to explore the process parameters and flow.The agitator paddle and the cutter adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, easy to control the particle size.

In addition, the equipment rotating shaft cavity inflatable seal, eliminate dust bonding phenomenon, with automatic cleaning function.Conical groove makes material roll evenly.The bottom of the tank is interlayer with built-in water cooling circulation system. The constant temperature performance is better than the general air cooling system, which improves the particle quality.

The lid of the wet granulator is automatically opened and closed, the outlet is matched with the drying equipment, and the large machine has its own escalator for easy operation.With pulp leaf lifting system, more conducive to pulp leaf and pot body cleaning.

When it comes to wet granulator, it is necessary to mention its daily maintenance and maintenance.Take the high speed wet process mixed granulator equipment as an example, the industry said that the maintenance should be divided into daily, half a year and a year.

In the daily maintenance work, check whether the machine is clean before starting up, if there is dirt, clean in time, and wipe the machine with 75% alcohol the inner wall of the pot and the surface of the machine.To check the pressure of compressed air, the pressure should be 0.6Pa, if too high or too low, timely adjust the pressure valve.

The operator shall check the rotation flexibility of the agitator knife, the rotation flexibility of the cutter, the indicator light of the button switch, the air tightness of the cover seal ring, the air tightness of the outlet seal ring, the advance and backward flexibility of the discharge piston, the rotation flexibility and rotation direction of the agitator and the cutter, the accuracy of the agitator cutting timer, etc.If the equipment is abnormal, timely maintenance or replacement.

In half a year maintenance work, the operator should check the motor synchronous belt wear, replace the damaged synchronous belt, adjust the belt tensioning mechanism, so that the size is appropriate;To add lubricating oil to the reducer, the oil level should not be lower than the oil ruler line.

In addition, also check the case connection fixing screw is loose, and add grease to the oil cup;To check the distribution box, dust, tighten the terminal, check the inverter operation.

In terms of maintenance throughout the year, the operator should cut off the main power of the high speed wet process mixed granulator to thoroughly clean the interior of the host, remove oil and powder.Electrical components and instruments of the high speed wet mixed granulator should be checked and replaced if there is aging damage.

Need to remind is to check the high-speed wet mixing granulator line connection, such as loose or rust to deal with or replace.Check the effect of anti – rotating block of high – speed wet – process granulator.

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