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Round bottle labeling machine principle of work is not complicated, it works mainly by the assembly line put the bottle to the chain plate, the bottle after adjust device into isometric arrangement after entering photoelectric sensing area, by the stepper motor control signals of the reel label paper automatically send mark, correct automatically stripping of paper and place them on the bottle.Another set of photoelectric sensors timely limit the delivery of a labeled paper.In the continuous bottling process, the marking paper is affixed to the bottle body one by one, and after being flattened by the roller, it is output automatically, thus completing the whole labeling process.

Round bottle labeling machine can greatly save the labor and material resources of pharmaceutical and other factory assembly lines, so that the factory can save this part and use it for other purposes.The automatic round bottle labeling equipment can be customized according to the technical requirements of enterprise users. Its operation is convenient, flexible and not single, and its functions can be added according to the requirements of users. Compared with ordinary round bottle labeling machine, it is more flexible.

Today, the round bottle labeling machine has become a suitable for PET bottles, plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles and other round bottle labeling machine.And with the rapid development of the labeling machine market, more and more circular labeling machine enterprises in the design of efforts, make products beautiful atmosphere, functional, and easy to operate, favored by customers.

However, according to the feedback of some customers, the circular labeling machine is simple to operate, but in the process of use, problems such as deviation of labels or poor labeling quality often occur.So, how to solve these problems?

In view of the problem of taking away deviation of the label of the high round bottle labeling machine, the technician of a pharmaceutical machine enterprise said that the labeling machine could be carefully checked. If the label taking away deviation problem is caused by too tight pressure belt installation, just increase the pressure belt strength.In addition, before stopping the automatic operation, if the deviation correction is not stopped, the rectification can only be stopped again.

And if the round bottle labeling machine labeling quality is not good, there is bubble or wrinkle phenomenon, the technicians think there are the following conditions and the corresponding solutions: the overlaying is not complete, can reduce the speed of labeling;It is necessary to adjust the strength of overlaying if the gravity of overlaying is not adjusted properly.The starting position of labeling is wrinkled, perhaps because the label is too soft, if the label has been bent when extended, try to be close to the product when raising the stripping board;The front and back of the label is not aligned, you can adjust the tilt of the support bar so that the product can be perpendicular to the extension direction of the label.

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