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Centrifugal pump is medicine, food, chemical industry and other industries indispensable transport equipment, with a wide range of functions and habits (including flow, pressure head and habitual nature of the transport medium), small size, brief layout, simple operation and other advantages, its application range is very broad.In recent years, with the promotion of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, medicine and other industries on centrifugal pump energy saving requirements are increasingly high.

At present, the centrifugal pump flow control methods are mainly regulating valve control, variable speed control and pump and series conditioning.The technician said that because the principles of various conditioning methods are different, the energy loss is not the same, so users need to look for energy consumption, energy saving flow conditioning method.Specifically, the centrifugal pump energy – saving flow adjustment method includes the following points.

Change piping characteristic curve

It is reported that the change of centrifugal pump flow can be used to control the opening of the pump outlet valve, its essence is to change the direction of the pipeline characteristic curve to change the operating point of the pump.

Change centrifugal pump characteristic curve

This kind of conditioning method conditioning effect is significant, and convenient, safe and reliable, can extend the service life of the pump, save electricity.But the defect is to change the speed of the pump, the need to have the conversion skills to change the prime mover (generally the motor) speed, the principle is messy, the cost is larger, and the flow conditioning scale is small.

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