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Shengde Machinery participated in the 59th CIPM held in Chongqing on November 3 to November 5, and also brought our semi automatic counting machine, 8-channel counting machine, 12-channel counting machine, and 16-channel counting machine to the exhibition.

Many customers were interested in our products and have a detailed conversation with salespersons at our booth. There were customers who directly signed a contract with us on the spot! After the exhibition, we delivered the machine quickly, to let the machine arrive at the new home quickly and satisfy customers.

The National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo has allowed us to accumulate a lot of experience and get to know many new customers. Thanks to new and old customers at home and abroad for their strong support to SED. We will definitely make products and services more attentively.

Our company has very rich practical experience in the field of food and medical machinery manufacturing, targeting the market and tracking the technical level, relying on a sound management system and service, with honest, trustworthy, stable, reliable quality and reasonable prices. Strive to make our customers satisfied with our products.


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