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Use a Sandwich Pan Instead of a Single One

It is known that the traditional single-layer pot is easy to shake in the production process, which makes the production unstable, while the sandwich pot has the ability of heating and cooling for some special materials, which can better meet the production requirements. At the same time, the bottom is not easy to deform in the long-term working process, which has the advantage of long service life.

Adopt Synchronous Belt and Wheel Drive

It is reported that, due to the consideration of cost, most of the full-automatic particle count machine manufacturers use the power system is, triangle belt and belt pulley transmission, which is easy to cause the long-term production process of stirring power is not enough, and easy to slip and other problems.

And if the choice of synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel transmission mode, can ensure that the enterprise in the long-term production and manufacturing process full power, more can meet the production requirements.

Use Air Seal and Water Cleaning

The industry points out that when a company produces black spots or spots during the granulation process, it means that the whole pot material has to be scrapped.If the ordinary rubber sealing system is used, sooner or later, serious leakage problems will occur, resulting in the scrap of materials.

And if the agitator shaft with air seal and water cleaning, cutting knife spindle with air seal and metal hard seal (that is, mechanical seal) double layer protection, can ensure good sealing effect, cleaning with water cleaning.Therefore, the sealing, cleaning system is also the key to choose automatic counting machine.

Control by Frequency Converter

It is understood that in the process of granulation, the automatic granulation machine requires different rotating speed of stirring blades in different time periods. Only using two-speed motor to control can not meet the production requirements, and the use of frequency converter control can meet the production of a variety of technologies, and can achieve good granulation effect.

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