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The lifting mixer can complete the two processes of lifting and mixing, and realize the airtight transfer of materials. When mixing particles, it is not easy to crush, and there is no stirring device.With the development of automation technology, at present, a lot of food, pharmaceutical production enterprise began to use automatic improve mixing machine for processing production, equipment during operation can make different types of materials in a short time, fully mixing, the mixing device solves the problem of enterprise manual operation, improve the efficiency of material mixing.

According to understand, to improve mixing machine replaces a lot of the hybrid method of traditional craft, low energy consumption, and because of equipment users in the use of mixing equipment for processing operations can use little energy to achieve the ideal processing, in line with the modern industry the need of environmental protection and energy saving, large-scale, high efficiency production, more and more get the favour of the market and good prospects in the future, the competition between the enterprises is increasingly fierce.

At present, there are enterprises developed by the lifting mixer can automatically complete clamping, lifting, mixing, falling and other all actions.Users only need to configure one mixing hopper of this series and several different specifications to meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and many varieties, and play an important role in the total pharmaceutical mixing.

Selection technique

What are the selection skills of automatic lifting mixer?The technical personnel that has mixed mechanism to make an enterprise introduces, when the user is using mixed equipment to undertake processing, want to understand the pink makings processing scale of manufacturer first.

"The number and amount of processing required by different industries are different every day. If the fully automatic lifting mixer selected cannot meet the application requirements of the manufacturer, the application purpose of the equipment cannot be achieved."So says the technician.

In addition, users should pay attention when purchasing promotion mixed equipment. If the equipment is required to complete the production requirements of four batches of goods in one hour, the manufacturer can determine the model of the equipment according to such operation characteristics, so as to ensure the daily production capacity of the enterprise meets the requirements.

Use standard

In the process of using the fully automatic lifting mixer, the operators should also pay attention to the use specifications of the equipment, so as to ensure the operation of the equipment and ensure the production efficiency and safety.

For example, when the operator usually USES the equipment to carry on the powder material processing, needs to pay attention to the powder material release sequence.Generally speaking, during the processing, should first put granule larger material, and then put the material during mixing, and some processing units need to mix premix.

Technical personnel said that for this material in the processing can not use the screw elevator, but should use the bucket type drop equipment to achieve the purpose of application.

In addition, when installing and using the lifting mixer, the operator can make the material mix stably and fully, and the mixing effect between the materials is also relatively sufficient, so that the equipment is not likely to fail during operation.

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