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Traditional extraction methods include water boiling, dipping, percolating, modified gelatin, reflux, solvent extraction, steam distillation and sublimation.Among them, water boiling method is commonly used.However, these traditional methods have some defects in the retention of active ingredients, impurities, concentration rate and operation difficulty, which cannot meet the requirements of the growing traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Chinese medicine extraction technology compared with traditional technique flow, get rid of the alcohol in the process of heavy multi-channel working procedure, reach the purpose of removing impurity, and keep the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine and compound compatibility, have invaded cream dry easily, low hygroscopicity, add less excipient, save a lot of ethanol and the corresponding recycling equipment, shorten the production cycle, reduce working procedure and personnel, such as thermal energy saving advantages.Therefore, the application of traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment is more and more extensive, and the prospect is very considerable

Extraction time reduction

Using the cavitation effect produced by ultrasonic, the Chinese medicine extraction machine accelerates the solvent to enter the cell, and quickly transfers the chemical components inside the cell into the solvent, causing the concentration difference inside and outside the cell, and promotes the chemical components to diffuse from the high concentration solution to the low concentration solution, and then achieves the purpose of extracting the Chinese medicine components through separation.Compared with traditional extraction method, TCM extraction machine greatly accelerates the extraction time and strengthens the penetration.

Extraction rate increase

Chinese medicine extracting machine is the use of ultrasonic cavitation generated by the process of vibration, and accompanied by cavitation bubble collapse instantaneous release the power of the energy production, make the material of the cell wall is broken, and the solvent directly into the cell, the cell after the inclusion (including the components), under the effect of ultrasonic directly into the solvent and intracellular protoplasm in various chemical composition by solvent substitution.

In addition, when vegetable matter in solvent by ultrasonic action, due to the ultrasonic cavitation effect, the solvent with instantaneous produced by ultrasonic cavitation bubble collapse, and internal cells quickly permeate to the material, to speed up the solvent and the effective components of medicinal materials mutual penetration, dissolved, the chemical composition under the action of ultrasonic quickly to dissolve in the solvent.

Therefore, the Chinese medicine extraction machine can extract all the components contained in the material cells in a very short time.Compared with the traditional extraction method, the extraction rate of the internal chemical composition of the substance is greatly increased, and the effective composition is well preserved.

Reduce the impurity

Traditional Chinese medicine extraction methods generally have many impurities, which bring inconvenience to refining.However, the extraction efficiency of traditional Chinese medicine extraction machine is fast, the utilization rate of medicinal materials is high, and the remaining impurities are few.

Manual saving

Traditional Chinese medicine extraction generally requires manual labor, time and effort, and is very inconvenient.Chinese medicine extraction machine is operated by machine, which is convenient and simple to extract, greatly reducing the process and manual participation.

It is reported that, with the development of ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic Chinese medicine extraction equipment is widely used in Chinese medicine, food, health care products and other industries, widely used in Chinese medicine, natural plant active ingredients extraction, extraction workshop is new, reconstruction and expansion;Development of new drugs and products;Medical science institutes, university pharmaceutical 

enterprises and enterprises engaged in extraction use various methods to extract traditional Chinese medicine and natural products from plant and animal medicinal materials, experimental research and other aspects of the ideal extraction equipment.

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