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Vacuum feeding machine is a kind of vacuum conveying equipment for powder material, granular material and powder material mixture, which can automatically transport all kinds of materials to the hopper of packaging machine, injection molding machine, pulverizer and other equipment, and directly transport mixed materials to the mixer (such as v-type mixer, two-dimensional mixer, three-dimensional mixer, etc.).

From the perspective of structure, vacuum feeder is composed of vacuum pump (no oil, no water), stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose, PE filter (or 316L stainless steel filter), compressed air backblowing device, pneumatic feeding door device, vacuum hopper and automatic control device of material level.

According to the different discharging mode, the vacuum feeding machine can be divided into gap discharging and continuous discharging.Among them, clearance discharge is beneficial to reduce the investment cost of equipment and facilitate the control of material level, while continuous discharge is generally used for vacuum conveying of materials in long distance and large output.A vacuum feeder manufacturers, in most cases, it is recommended that users use the clearance discharge mode.

At present, vacuum feeder ushered in a good opportunity for development.At the same time, pharmaceutical, food and other enterprises on equipment requirements are also rising.Industry said, at present, the user in addition to look at the cost performance, vacuum feeder design, appearance, including energy-saving efficiency and other aspects have more opinions and Suggestions, vacuum feeder manufacturers in order to enhance product competitiveness had to upgrade the original equipment to meet the needs of users.

For example, there are vacuum feeder manufacturers in a wide range of similar foreign products on the basis of the development of new products.Especially for the efficiency improvement of equipment, the new product can not only keep the raw materials free from moisture, pollution, foreign matter and leakage during the feeding process, but also realize the self-transportation of the feeding process, avoid the danger of high altitude feeding, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.

"The new product has a closed design and is safe and environmentally friendly," the company said.According to the applicability of each field, the safety, accuracy and appearance are respectively strengthened, which are now widely used in chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories and other industries with high requirements and strong supervision.

In addition, blocking is a problem that often occurs in the operation of vacuum feeding machine, which will not only affect the work efficiency, affect the service life of the equipment, and it is likely to lead to the shutdown of the entire production line, causing huge cost loss.Therefore, the blocking material problem is also a headache for many pharmaceutical companies.

Related experts said that when the vacuum degree exceeds the normal value, the surface of the equipment delivery pipeline will be blocked.When using the equipment, the user should check whether the material is blocked without suction.In addition, the material fluidity is poor, the material is not uniform, the feed is too much and other reasons, also easy to cause the material in the machine block accumulation, the phenomenon of blockage.This also requires the vacuum feeder manufacturers to regularly carry out necessary maintenance and maintenance of the equipment to ensure the stable operation of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

Some manufacturers research and explore the clogging problem of vacuum feeding machine, improve the structure design, make the suction capacity of the equipment increased by 30%, greatly reduce the probability of material clogging.

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