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Stainless steel vibrating screen is mainly used for screening fine powder, micro powder, dry and wet materials, etc., which is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, including pharmaceutical intermediates, medical accessories, Chinese medicine powder, Chinese medicine liquid, western medicine powder, western medicine liquid, etc.The author understands that vibration screen is in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of enterprise product production, if the equipment in the work of the fault, will greatly affect the production efficiency and process.

When the vibration exciter of stainless steel vibrating screen eccentric vibration, if it is the cause of vibration exciter, can increase the weight of the eccentric block, adjust the amplitude;If it is a vibration motor, amplitude adjustment by the eccentric block at both ends of the shaft Angle to change the size of the excitation force, the included Angle is small, the excitation force is larger, the amplitude is larger;On the contrary, the included Angle becomes larger, the exciting force becomes smaller, and the amplitude becomes smaller.The eccentric shaft vibrator can increase or decrease the counterweight flywheel and counterweight block on the belt wheel to increase or decrease the amplitude of the vibrating sieve.

Vibrator is working, the centrifugal force of the eccentric weight raise eccentric shaft bending, lead to bearing inner ring and outer ring the relative deflection of the eccentric produces to turn and the order of frequency caused by the vibration, so the operation of inertial force and inertial force couple will cause bearing dynamic reaction force and vibration of the steady working state of the damaged bearing parts, produce high-frequency vibration.

If the vibration force of the stainless steel vibrating screen is too large, it will cause the bearing to bear very large radial force, so as to produce strong vibration.Vibration screen experts said that the higher the accuracy of the bearing, the smaller the vibration.When the corrugated degree of the raceway, especially on the surface of the rolling body, has a greater impact on the vibration of the bearing, and the clearance between the rolling body and the retainer and the rolling surface of the inner and outer ring, its relative motion will cause the vibration of the bearing.

Because, the spin frequency of the rolling body is higher, the working surface is in contact with the inner and outer raceway at the same time, the vibration size of the rolling body, the ring and the cage is about 4:3:1.Therefore, the surface machining accuracy of rolling body should be improved first to reduce bearing vibration.

So, how to solve the problem of violent vibration of stainless steel vibrating screen?Vibration screen expert advice, can start from the source, upgrade equipment design and manufacturing.Check if the shaker frame is a regular rectangle, not a parallelogram;Check the design and manufacturing process of the screen machine spring support can be in the uniform degree of surface, the choice of spring stiffness is the same.

In addition, it is necessary to check whether the self-synchronization between the two vibrators is normal.Whether the phase Angle adjusted by the primary and secondary bias blocks of the vibrator on the two sides of the unified shaft is consistent, because it affects whether the excitation force is consistent.

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