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Pharmaceutical capsule polisher is a special polishing equipment for capsules and tablets. It can remove dust on the surface of capsules and tablets and improve the surface cleanliness. It is suitable for the production of various capsules and tablets in pharmaceutical industry.

When you are choosing capsules, shiny capsules and capsules with dust, which one will you choose? Of course you will choose polished, shiny capsules. The capsule with dust not only looks unappealing, but also taste bad. Dusty capsules also cause problems with bottling and blister packaging machinery.

Only one machine can settle down these problems: capsule polishing machine!

How Does Capsule Polishing Machine Work?

The capsule polishing machine drives the capsule to move in a circular spiral along the wall of the polishing tube through the rotating movement of the brush, so that the capsule moves along the spiral spring. Under the constant friction with the brush and the wall of the polishing tube, the outer surface of the capsule shell is polished. The polished capsule enters the waste hopper from the discharge port. In the de-waste device, due to the negative pressure, the light-weight unqualified capsules rise under the action of the airflow and enter the vacuum cleaner through the suction tube. The heavy-weight qualified capsules continue to fall and are discharged through the movable discharge hopper to effectively achieve polishing. Thus achieve the purpose of detecting and eliminating unqualified capsules. The powder and small fragments that are brushed off during the polishing process enter the sealed cylinder through the small holes on the wall of the polishing cylinder, and are sucked into the vacuum cleaner for recovery.


How to Use Capsule Polishing Machine?

Step1: Trial run

  • Turn on the power switch and the machine starts to run
  • Adjust the speed control knob and observe the vibration, noise and stability of the machine
  • Put a small amount of empty shells and finished capsules from the feed port, adjust the speed control knob, and observe the traveling speed of the capsules. And select the appropriate speed
  • Connect clean compressed air, check whether the compressed air pipeline is unblocked, observe the sorting situation of empty capsules at the outlet, and adjust the air pressure to 0.3m3/min by adjusting the filter pressure valve knob. The empty shell capsules are collected smoothly, and the finished capsules are discharged smoothly
  • Connect the vacuum cleaner to check whether the vacuum pipe is unblocked and the vacuum cleaner is normal
  • If there is no abnormal situation, adjust the speed control knob to the 4 scale position, and run for 30 minutes without load;
  • When encountering an abnormal situation, the operation switch should be turned off immediately, and the capsule polishing machine should stop running.


Step 2: After confirming that there are no abnormal conditions in the trial operation, it can be put into formal operation

  • When the capsule polishing machine is moved to the side of the discharge port of the capsule filling machine, lock the casters so that the machine’s input port and the tablet polishing machine discharge port are connected;
  • Place the barrel under the discharge port, turn on the power switch press the on/off button, and the machine starts to run; (please confirm that the speed control knob is on the 0 scale when the power is turned on)
  • Adjust the speed control knob to the position of 5 to 6 scale, and connect the vacuum cleaner and compressed air source
  • Start the capsule polishing and sorting machine
  • According to the speed of the capsule filling machine, determine the operating speed of the capsule polishing machine
  • When the production is over, the capsule filling machine should be turned off first. After all the tablets in the polishing cylinder are discharged, adjust the speed control knob to the minimum, then turn off the capsule polishing machine and disconnect the power supply.

Adjustment Methods

  • Polishing machine speed adjustment: arranged by electronic speed controller. For fragile capsules, the speed can be appropriately low, and vice versa. When used for tablet polishing, the rotation speed can be appropriately lowered
  • Polishing cylinder tilt adjustment: the tilt is adjusted by the tail support plate, large tilt, good polishing effect, small tilt and high production efficiency
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner adjustment: professional industrial vacuum cleaners have two sets of dust-washing tube devices, each with a suction volume adjustment board to adjust, and the air volume is adjusted according to the use situation

What Are the Benefits of Capsule Polishing Machine?

  • All stainless shell, hopper and surface plate meet the G.M.P requirements
  • Easy to operate and maintain, excellent in performance
  • Gentle, Non-scratch brush polishing
  • Adjustable for height and angles
  • Small size, high capacity & efficiency
  • Instant function

What Are the Main Parts of Capsule Polisher and Sorters?

The capsule polishing machine is mainly composed of hopper, polishing cylinder, sealing cylinder, brush, coupling, split bearing seat, motor, distribution box, waste removal device, dust collection device, discharge hopper and frame.

tablet polishing machine

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