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Capsule filling machine is equipment that automatically transfers, spreads, fills and locks capsules.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the cosmetics and health products industries, the output of capsule filling machines will be greater, the proportion of pharmaceutical capsule filling machines will be relatively stable, and the proportion of capsule filling machines for cosmetics and health products will relatively increase.

In terms of types, the current capsule filling machines on the market include manual capsule filling machines, semi-automatic capsule filling machines and fully automatic capsule filling machines. The market for fully automatic capsule filling machines is growing.

So, what are the characteristics of the fully automatic capsule filling machine? What are the advantages compared to other capsule filling machines? What is the future market prospect?

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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Public information shows that the fully automatic capsule filling machine is a capsule filling equipment integrating machine, electricity and gas. It has a high degree of automation. It adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion speed control, and electronic automatic counting device.

Compared with manual and semi-automatic capsule filling machines, the fully automatic capsule filling machine has high sensitivity, accurate filling dose, novel structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, and can automatically complete capsule positioning, separation, filling, and locking actions. It reduces labor intensity and improves filling efficiency. Because of its economical and practical characteristics, it is currently widely favored by the pharmaceutical industry.

What Is the Market Outlook?

Data shows that the global output of capsule filling machines in 2017 was about 7,243 units, and it is expected that the output will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.91% from 2017 to 2025. In 2017, the global capsule filling machine market value was 379.37 million U.S. dollars, and it is expected to reach 440.43 million U.S. dollars by 2025. In this context, my country’s fully automatic capsule filling machine market will also usher in greater market value.

In addition, the rapid development of capsule health care products, pharmaceuticals and other industries, and consumers’ demand for capsule products continue to expand, which will also bring greater development opportunities to fully automatic capsule filling machines.

Industry data show that the sales of our country’s health care products in the mainland market rose from 44.2 billion yuan in 2012 to 237.6 billion yuan in 2017. It is estimated that the health care products market in the mainland will exceed 300 billion yuan in 2021. It can be seen that the sales of domestic health products continue to grow, and the future market situation is optimistic, which will indirectly drive the development of fully automatic capsule filling machines.

Future of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Although facing the huge blue ocean of the market, fully automatic capsule filling machine companies have good development opportunities, but from the overall level, domestic fully automatic capsule filling machines still need to be improved in many ways.

For example, in terms of service life, the fully automatic capsule filling machine urgently needs to improve equipment stability, improve design, improve the level of craftsmanship, ensure the filling quantity, and extend the service life.

In terms of economic benefits, the level of automation needs to be improved. The automatic capsule filling machine should have the function of automatically rejecting defective capsules, recycling and reusing the medicines in the defective capsules, bringing more benefits to the enterprise.

In terms of applicability, the structural design of the fully automatic capsule filling machine should be reasonable to meet the requirements of convenient disassembly and assembly, simple cleaning, and interchangeability of various types of molds. Different molds can be exchanged on the same machine to meet the needs of users with different production capacities. Requirements to reduce the inconvenience caused by replacing the machine.

In terms of humanized design, this is also an aspect that users pay more and more attention to when choosing equipment. For example, in terms of dust collection, the vacuum suction tube and waste rejection tube are designed inside the body to avoid air leakage due to hardening and fracture of the trachea; the filling rod gong cap uses stainless steel instead of the original plastic gong cap to avoid cracking; Optimized design of the table, reducing gongs, gong caps, easy to clean the ears, making the whole machine more beautiful.

In addition, the full-automatic capsule filling machine needs urgent improvement in terms of filling quality. One is the problem of the powder filling mechanism, and the other is that in each station of the capsule turret, it often happens that the capsules do not completely enter the capsule mold seat according to the vertical fork movement direction, or all the capsules enter the mold seat of head A but the heads A and B do not. The situation of total separation.

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In general, fully automatic capsule filling machines are currently widely used in the fields of pharmaceuticals and health products, and the market scale is expanding. We are a manufacturer of capsule filling machines and provide you with capsule machinery such as semi-automatic capsule filling machine, fully automatic filling machine, capsule liquid filling machine, capsule polishing machine, and empty gelatin capsules.

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