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Fully automatic capsule filling machine is one of the key equipment for GMP transformation of capsule preparation production workshop.It has the characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption, quick change of mould, convenient operation and easy cleaning.According to the state of motion, the automatic capsule filling machine can be divided into two types: intermittent motion and continuous motion. It is also an economical and practical equipment for capsule filling in the pharmaceutical industry.  

There are many factors affecting the quality of the automatic capsule filling machine, among which the powder filling mechanism and the capsule rotating tower are the important factors.In terms of powder filling mechanism, the powder filling mechanism is mainly composed of 6 equal and intermittent rotary motion measuring plates, 6 sets of axial motion punching rods (which can be fine-adjusted in axial position) and automatic powder screw feeder.There are 6 groups of cylindrical holes (measuring silos) corresponding to the number of capsules, arranged symmetrically in the center.The dimension tolerance, position tolerance, precision and finish of the cylinder hole all affect the capsule quantity.

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