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Chinese medicine

Sway type granulator is a kind of Chinese medicine that can pass all sorts of ground hind, the equipment that produces a pill, the patient needs the pill that produces only is swallowed with water can, without full-bodied Chinese medicine taste, also do not need to pass long boil to make.

Specifically, the working principle of the swinging granule machine is in the tablet production, the appropriate humidity powder mixture into the bin, through the reciprocating swing of the knife wheel, with the rotating drum of the swinging role, through the iron wire screen will be wet powder raw materials into particles will be squeezed out of the screen, made of particles.Lumps are crushed by impact in the roller and forced through the screen to form particles.The swinging granulator extrudes the soft material through the mesh mesh with a certain number of mesh by using the extrusion principle to achieve the purpose of granulating, so as to carry out the next step of tablet production.

With the popularity of the swing granulator, the device has now become a necessary part of the pharmaceutical industry tablet production process, which is used to make particles from wet powder materials, the size of which is determined by changing different screens.Because the part of the machine in contact with the material is made of polished stainless steel, it can be widely used in chemical industry, food and other departments.Suitable for pressing Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets, chewable tablets, calcium tablets, buccal tablets, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, candy tablets, effervescent tablets, aromatic tablets, disinfection tablets fertilizer tablets, pesticide tablets.But swing granulator is not suitable for semi-solid, fluid, slurry or wear.

And with the development of swing granule machine, for different fields, its selection is also different.For example, the small swing granule machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries to produce a variety of specifications of particles, after drying for pressing into a variety of molding products, the machine can also be used to crush condensation into blocks of dry material.In the case of chemicals, it can also be used as a mixed powder to grind into particles, which can be dried for pressing tablets, and it can also be used to crush blocks that have condensed into blocks during storage or formed into blocks during chemical processing.

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