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Portable grinder

Portable crusher is easy to carry.But because of its small output, suitable for individuals, families or small shops.

Rocking mill

Swing pulverizer is precise in structure, small in size, light in weight, high in efficacy, dustless, clean and hygienic, easy to operate, beautiful in shape, and it saves electricity and is safe, can quickly complete coarse powder and fine powder, make the production of drugs meet GMP requirements, suitable for small batch of Chinese medicine, precious medicinal materials such as crushing.But it's not easy to carry.


Pulverizer is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, can be hard and difficult to crush the material processing, including the Chinese herbal medicine and other crushing, also can be used as a micro pulverizer, ultrafine pulverizer processing process before the supporting equipment.It has the advantages of low noise, high efficiency, reliable performance and product quality, safe operation, medical hygiene and low loss.

Fluidized bed impact jet mill

Airflow crusher is applicable to a wide range of products, high fineness, typical comminable materials such as: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder.As the pulverizer can change the ordinary air of the air source into nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other inert gases, making the machine an inert gas protection equipment, it is also suitable for the crushing and grading processing of inflammable, explosive, easy to oxidize and other materials.But the equipment costs more.

At present, the market of jet mill is mainly divided into several types of flat jet mill, fluidized bed jet mill, circulating tube jet mill, jet mill, target jet mill, and the relevant people mentioned the fluidized bed jet jet mill is widely used.

Hammer crusher

It is understood that hammer crusher is pharmaceutical, food and other industries in the early production of a necessary equipment.It has a wide range of versatility, can adjust the degree of grinding fineness, with high production efficiency, low energy consumption, safe use, convenient maintenance and other advantages, so it has been favored by all walks of life.

Hammer stone crusher is mainly by impact to break the material.Its working principle is that, the material into the hammer crusher, suffered from the high-speed rotary hammer head impact and crushing, crushing the material from the hammer head of the hammer to obtain kinetic energy, from the high-speed rushed to the frame body baffle, screen bar, at the same time, the material hit each other, suffered many times broken.

Materials smaller than the clearance of the sieve bar will be discharged from the clearance;Some larger materials will experience the impact of hammer head again on the screen, and will be crushed through grinding and extrusion, and the material will be extruded from the gap by the hammer head of the hammer breaker, so as to obtain the required size of the product.Hammer crushers on the market are cheaper.

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