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The pill making machine can be used to produce pill-shaped products such as honey pill, concentrated pill, water pill, etc. It is widely used in medicine, food, health care products and other industries. In recent years, as people’s health awareness has increased, aging has increased, and consumption levels have increased, the demand for medicines and health products has continued to expand, which has stimulated the development of the pill making machine industry.



Pill Making Machine VS Tablet Press Machine

The tablet pill maker is mainly used for the production of tablets in the pharmaceutical industry. The tablet press can compress granular materials into round, special-shaped tablets and tablets with text, symbols, and graphics.

The pill making machine mainly produces all kinds of round pills, such as dense pills, concentrated pills, and watertight pills.

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For more viscous materials, pill making machine is a good choice rather than tablet press machine. But for powders with less viscous, additives such as starch can be added to make tablets with a tablet press machine, or capsules can be made with a capsule filling machine.

Pills are a common dosage form of medicines. In the traditional Chinese medicine industry, the pill making machine is mainly used for the production of Chinese herbal medicine pills. Small pharmaceutical factories and hospital research departments all use the pill making machine for research and small batch production. The production of Chinese herbal medicine pills in our country has experienced a process from manual to mechanical. The birth of the automatic pill making machine has solved the defects of traditional manual pill making, such as uneven size and cumbersome manual operations. It has the advantages of quantitative weight, easy packaging, easy storage, and easy carrying. . With the continuous improvement of the status of Chinese medicine and the continuous introduction of relevant Chinese medicine support policies, the Chinese medicine industry has ushered in good development.

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Factors Being Considered When Choosing Pill Making Machine

It is understood that in addition to considering the price factor, many traditional Chinese medicine factories require high pill-making efficiency when purchasing herbal pill making machines, which can be suitable for the production of different pill formulations, meet the requirements of different manufacturing processes, fine processing, and high degree of automation. The products produced have beautiful appearance and high quality stability.

The Basic Steps of Pill Making

The process of making pills by the automatic pill making machine is mainly: material preparation, pill block, pill strip, granulation, rounding, drying, coating, quality inspection and packaging.

The First Step: Material Preparation

①After being processed, the medicinal materials are powdered into fine powder by a herbal medicine pulverizer, and then mixed and sieved;

②Honey is refined into a suitable degree of refined honey according to the properties of the prescription Chinese medicinal materials.

The Second Step: Mixing

Mixing the well-mixed medicinal powder with suitable condensed honey to form a dough with suitable hardness and greater plasticity is the key process of making honey pills.


①Generally use hot honey and medicine;

②Drugs containing more resins, gums, sugars, and mucus, such as frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, donkey-hide gelatin, white and rehmannia, have strong viscosity, and warm honey at 60℃-80℃ is appropriate

③If the drug powder in the prescription is very viscous, use old honey to make the medicine while it is hot. The ratio of honey to powder is generally 1:1—1:1.5; generally, powders containing sugars, gums, and oils should be used in a small amount; powders that contain more fiber or are light and have poor viscosity. The amount of honey should be more than 1:2.

The Third Step: Stripping

The pellets should be made into strips of appropriate thickness for easy division. The strips must be uniform in thickness, smooth in surface, and full without voids. Small-scale Chinese medicine pill making machine can be used for small quantity production, and automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine for mass production.

The Fourth Step: Making Pills

After the automatic pill making machine is debugged, as long as the auxiliary material of the medicine is unloaded, the pill is automatically formed.


The Fifth Step: Drying and Coating

The pill generally needs to be dried before coating.

Purpose of pill coating:

  • Pill coating can improve the stability of the drug (prevent the main drug from oxidation, deterioration or volatilization, and prevent moisture and insects).
  • Cover up the odor.
  • Reduce the irritation of drugs.
  • Control the speed or location of the drug’s action (the coating firm of the pill and will be absorbed first; the enteric coating can be dispersed and absorbed in the enteric; the slow-release coating can be made into long-acting preparations, etc.).
  • Good appearance and easy identification.

The drying and polishing machine can complete the drying, coloring and coating process within one machine.

Coating and drying machine can coat tablets, pills, candies and other organic films. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

The Sixth Step: Packaging

Honey pills are usually packed in small plastic boxes or wax skin packaging. Different types of pills have slightly different packaging. Generally, they should be stored in sealed packaging. Water pills are mostly packed in paper bags or plastic bags and sealed, and water pills containing aromatic medicines or more expensive medicines are mostly packed in glass or porcelain vials. Big honey pill is mostly packed in wax paper box, plastic box or wax skin packaging.

As for packaging machinery, you can choose a pill counting machine to quantitatively count the pills into the container, or it can be combined with a capping machine, bag pulling machine, labeling machine and other machines to form a complete production line.

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