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We’re Expanding: USA Office Opening Soon!

SED Pharma is excited to announce that we are expanding our business and will have our new branch office located in San Bernardino, CA! It’s a new start and opportunity for us to provide the professional equipment and services to our clients throughout North America. We will have the showroom for displaying our main products, […]

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Top 5 Key Considerations for Capsule Filling Machines

With advancements in pharmaceutical equipment technology, SED Pharma has consistently positioned itself at the forefront, establishing our place as an industry leader. Backed by years of experience, research, and expertise, we ensure our clients are equipped with the best and most efficient tools for the job. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the performance, […]

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Benefits of Having a Tablet Counter

Unlocking Efficiency with SED Pharma’s Tablet Counting Machines As a trailblazer in the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing industry, SED Pharma is synonymous with cutting-edge, quality machinery that enhances productivity and operational efficiency. A standout in our impressive lineup of innovative equipment is our Tablet Counting Machine, a device engineered to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and safety in […]

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Capsule Filling Machines: Pros and Cons

Pioneering advancements in pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing, SED Pharma steadfastly upholds its commitment to providing top-tier machinery solutions tailored to the diverse requirements of the pharmaceutical sector. Among our meticulously crafted line of machines, the capsule filling systems are pivotal, conceived to effectively tackle the distinct challenges that pharmaceutical manufacturers encounter in capsule production. Capsule-filling machines […]

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CPHI & PMEC China 2023

CPHI & PMEC is the premium exhibition connecting suppliers and buyers in the pharmaceutical industry. It gathers global pharmaceutical professionals to attend, looking for advanced pharma solutions with face-to-face communication and facilitate deals. As one of the booth hosts at 2023 CPHI & PMEC China, SED Pharma has the opportunity to present professional equipment and […]

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CIPM, China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo 2023

Great celebration of the three-day exhibition ended successfully! Thanks for all the attention and support, which definitely bring SED Pharma a new power for growth and progress. What is CIPM? CIPM, China International Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition, has been held with China National Pharmaceutical Machinery Exposition annually in spring and autumn since 1990s. The exhibits of […]

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Supplement Manufacturing Equipment

A Guide to Essential Supplement Manufacturing Equipment by SED Pharma The rapidly growing supplement industry is a testament to the increasing demand for high-quality nutritional products. To cater to this demand, supplement manufacturers must be equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that ensures efficiency, precision, and quality control. At SED Pharma, we offer an extensive range of […]

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Different Types of Mixers in Pharmaceutical Industry

Revolutionize Your Pharmaceutical Production with SED Pharma’s Mixer and Blender Equipment The pharmaceutical industry constantly seeks innovative technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of drug production. One critical aspect of this process is the accurate and uniform mixing of ingredients, which ensures the desired therapeutic effect and consistent quality of the final product. SED […]

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6 Capabilities of a High-Quality Capsule Polishing Machine

The Key Capabilities of a High-Quality Capsule Polishing Machine: Capsule polishing machines are an essential piece of equipment for pharmaceutical companies to ensure the quality and appearance of capsules before packaging. Capsule polishing machines remove any dust, excess powder, or debris from the capsules, resulting in a smooth and shiny finish. They also help to […]

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Why is Cleaning Validation Important in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing?

The Importance of Cleaning Validation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a highly regulated industry that requires strict adherence to quality standards to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the final products. One important aspect of this process is cleaning validation, which involves verifying that the equipment used in production is free of contaminants that […]

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