Equipment for API

SED Offers Quality API solutions.

API equipment is a must for every API process. SED API types of equipment include a full line of API-related products, from raw materials to packaging materials. API is the key to success for any business in this industry. SED API pieces of equipment are designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.

SED Pharma’s API equipment has been approved with all applicable international regulatory certifications like ISO9001, CE, BV, etc.

API machinery refers to the machines used in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation and handling of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. API machinery can be divided into different categories based on its function. Some of the most common API machinery available from SED Pharma include:

Extraction Machinery and Concentrators

An API extraction machine is used to extract the active ingredients from plant sources. The extracted API is then concentrated and purified to create a concentrated API solution. SED Pharma provides extraction/concentration solutions for a wide variety of applications including the SED-TN series oil extraction and concentration line, SED-QN series Ball concentrator, SED-DJH Single Vacuum concentrator, SED-SJH Double Effect Energy Concentrator, SED- JHT Alcohol Distillation tower, Multifunctional Essential Oil distillation, and extraction machines and the Multifunctional SED-TG Series Herbal Ethanol Extraction system.

Dryer Dehydrator Solutions

An API Dryer Dehydrator is used to remove water from the API solution. This machine is also used to create a concentrated API powder. SED Pharma offers a wide range of dryer and dehydrator machines, various freeze dryers, Centrifugal Dryers, Spray Dryers, Fluid Bed Dryers, and many others. We have a solution for your exacting needs.

Sieving Machines for API

An API sieving machine is used to handle grading, screening and filtration of granules, powders, mucus and other materials. Different sieves can screen materials of various densities depending on the model. SED Pharma offers a durable, compact, and highly efficient Sieving Machine with excellent characteristics for producing high-quality chemical powders.

Autoclave Machinery and Solutions

An API autoclave is used to sterilize the API product. The API product is placed in a chamber and exposed to high-pressure and high-temperature steam. SED Pharma offers a range of autoclave machines. Our SED-SY series Water Bath Autoclave utilizes an industry-leading Japanese design. The SED-ZM Series Tabletop Bottle steam autoclave and SED-CZ Series Stainless Steel Pure Steam horizontal sterilizer are both widely used and made of top-quality sanitary-grade materials.

About SED Pharma:

SED Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. (SED Pharma) was incorporated in 2012. We are a global pharmaceutical equipment provider that sells pharmaceutical equipment, blood collection tube machinery, water treatment apparatus, clean room facility equipment, and pharmaceutical engineering to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors throughout the world.

Since its inception, we have supplied over 600 equipment and system solutions for more than 180 pharmaceutical firms in over 20 countries and territories throughout the world. They’ve been used in a variety of industries, including liquid and blood injectables, chemical API, bioengineering, and pharmaceutical packaging.