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Professional Capsule Filling Machines

Capsule fillers are essential pieces of equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry for capsule manufacture. Capsule filling machines are often used to fill empty capsules with precise powdered or liquid drug formulations.

Best Capsule Filling Machines

SED Pharma’s filling machines are available in various sizes and models, depending on the specific needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturer. They can range from semi-automatic to fully automatic capsule filling machines that can fill thousands of capsules per hour. Capsule fillers are designed to handle a variety of capsule sizes and types, including gelatin and vegetarian capsules. This professional pharmaceutical equipment uses specialized technology to ensure accurate dosing and prevent contamination of drug formulation during the filling process.

The use of capsule filler machines in the pharmaceutical industry helps to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and improve product quality. Capsule fillers are an important part of the manufacturing process and are relied upon by pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

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SED Pharma was established in 2012. Our company offers a wide range of pharmaceutical equipment and services to the global pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Our product portfolio includes pharmaceutical machinery, machinery for blood collection tube production, water treatment equipment, clean room facility equipment, and pharmaceutical engineering solutions.

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