Capsule Polisher

A capsule polisher is a type of pharmaceutical machinery used in the pharmaceutical industry to polish and clean filled capsules. These machines are frequently used after the capsule filling process is complete to remove excess powder or debris that may have accumulated on the surface of the capsules.

Capsule polisher machines are typically compact and designed to be used in line with other pharmaceutical equipment such as capsule filling machines. The capsule polishing process involves tumbling the capsules in a rotating cylinder while a polishing agent is applied to the surface of the capsules. This agent can be a polishing brush, a velvet pad or a polishing cloth, which helps to remove any excess debris that may have accumulated on the capsules during the filling process. Capsule polisher machines also have a dust collection system, which helps to remove any residual polishing agent or dust particles that may have been generated during the polishing process. This ensures that the capsules are clean and free of any contaminants before they are packaged for distribution. Additionally, SED Pharma capsule polishing machines can automatically reject and collect unqualified capsules.

The use of capsule polisher machines in the pharmaceutical industry helps to improve the appearance of capsules and ensures that they meet the highest quality standards. It also helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between different drug formulations and enhances the efficiency of the production process.