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Ampoule Inspection Machine

SED-DJJL ampoule inspection machine is designed for detecting visible foreign objects in medicine liquids. High inspection rate can be achieved by using technologies such as photoelectric detection.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine

The Ampoule Inspection Machine is used to detect insoluble visible foreign objects in transparent injection containers, and to detect the tightness of containers. The detection items include visible foreign matter such as drug glass chips, hair, black spots, and white blocks.

Working Principle of Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine

  • The inspected product is continuously photographed by an industrial camera to obtain multiple images
  • Computer system analysis to judge whether the tested product is qualified
  • Automatically distinguish qualified products from unqualified products


Features of Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine

  • Adopts high-speed industrial cameras and fully automatic image tracking analysis software
  • Work continuously, automatically remove unqualified products
  • Fault self-checking function
  • Automatically counting, easy to classify and analyze
  • Touch screen control, easily store detection data
  • Stepless adjustment of detection speed and bottle rotation speed

details of Ampoule Inspection Machine SED-DJJL

Applications of Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine

The ampoule inspector machine can be used to detect ampoule, vial and oral liquids within the specifications of 1-20ml. It’s widely applied in pharmaceutical, healthcare, chemical and other manufacturing institutions.

applications of Ampoule Visual Inspection Machine


Inspection Rangevisible foreign matter (glass chips, fibers, hair, white blocks, white spots, etc.)

Appearance (optional)

Accuracyvisible foreign matter: 40um
Applicable ProductsAmpoule 1-20ml
Capacity400 pcs/min(1-2ml)
Power SupplyVoltage: three-phase five-wire, 380VAC, 50Hz

Compressed air: greater than 0.6MPa

Flow Rate: 15~25m³/hr

Dew Point: -20℃

Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1864.5*3962*2100
Weight (kg)3600
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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