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Antibiotic Vial Powder Filling and Stoppering Machine

SED-FGS-Z Antibiotic powder filling and stoppering machine is a unique sterile powder filling machine, which is used for filling powder into antibiotic vials or bottles.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact cGMP model
  • All the contact parts are made of SUS316L
  • High filling speed, driven by servo motor
  • Different type of filling auger meets requirements of different powder fluidity
  • PLC control the whole process, high degree of automation
  • Touch panel control: can set the filling dosage without stopping the machine
  • Speed controlled by inverter
  • Falling bottle auto reject; no bottle, no filling; no stoppers, auto stops; insufficient stoppers alarm
  • Auto counting function
  • Standard electric installation, safety guarantee on operation
  • Auto stop filling when filling auger touches filling nozzle and alarms
  • Easy to change the part, adjustable filling dosage
  • Optional acrylic glass hood, laminar flow, sealed air outlet device
  • Optional pre-fill and after-fill nitrogen filling device


Capacity (bottles/hr)6000
Filling Heads2
Stoppering Heads10
Filling Accuracy±3-7%
Voltage380V 50Hz
Power (kW)4
Dimensions (mm)2800*1400*1800
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
Generic filters