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Auto Cartoner Machine in Horizontal Type SED-WZH-N

SED-WZH-N auto cartoner machine is designed for automatic cartoning of multiple products. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries.


Product Description

Introduction of Auto Cartoner Machine in Horizontal Type

SED-WZH-N cartoner is one type of horizontal cartoning machine, designed with fully automatic operation and adopts advanced contro systems. The equipment is innovatively designed in strict accordance with the requirements of the “GMP” standard, equipped with various protection functions, safe operation and efficient packing.

Working Principle of Cartoner Machine

  • The end load carton is removed from a supply magazine via a rotary vacuum system.
  • Carton is erected and placed down on continuous moving chain system.
  • Product is automatically horizontally loaded into a carton via a barrel cam loader from a 15 foot continuously moving bucket conveyor.
  • Loaded carton is transported through the machine and is either tucked closed or applied with hot melt glue and compressed shut.
  • Completed cartons are then automatically delivered from the back of the cartoning machine at a convenient working height.


Features of Horizontal Cartoner Machine

  • Using servo/stepping motor and touch screen, PLC system
  • Touch screen interface display operation
  • Photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system
  • Wide range of packaging types, quick changeover between various sizes
  • Automatic stop when lacking of materials
  • Customizable according to customers’ needs

Application of Auto Cartoner Packaging Machine

  • Bags (pillow, gusseted, block) for milk powders, cereals, baking powder and pet food
  • Candy, cereal, and energy bars
  • Glass and plastic bottles
  • Cosmetic cans
  • Doy pack for soups, cereals, juices, yogurts, shredded cheese, and other dairy products
  • Flow wrap for biscuits and chocolates in trays and frozen pies
  • Three and four-sided sealed sachets for milk and coffee powder, cocoa, soups, and sauce
  • Shrink wrapped pizza and other frozen food
  • Sticks for coffee and milk powder, aspirin powder, nutrition powders and liquids, cocoa, mayonnaise, ketchup, and other condiments
  • Paste-filled tubes

cartoner machine economy version

Technical Data
Production Speed


Carton Requirement250—400g/m2250—400g/m2250—400g/m2250—400g/m2250—400g/m2250—400g/m2
Compressed AirPressure≥0.6MPa≥0.6MPa≥0.6MPa≥0.6MPa≥0.6MPa≥0.6MPa
Air Consumption20m3/hr20m3/hr20m3/hr20m3/hr20m3/hr20m3/hr
Voltage220V/380V 50Hz220V/380V 50Hz220V/380V 50Hz220V/380V 50Hz220V/380V 50Hz220V/380V 50Hz
Main Motor Power (kW)
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)3700*1050*17883034*1050*17883400*1200*1700/3500*1200*17003534*1350*1788
Weight (kg)120012001300130013001200

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