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Automated Optical Inspection Machine in Pharmaceutical

Our Optical Inspection System for pharmaceutical is suitable for vials, cartridges, syringes and ampoules, IV bags, BFS Strips, and plastic containers.


Product Description

Introduction of Optical Inspection Machine

Our inspection systems for pharmaceutical processing processes vials, cartridges, syringes and ampoules, IV bags, BFS Strips, and plastic containers. Furthermore, our systems are both reliable and easy to use. By using the Tyndall Effect, the concentrated light screen makes the impurity particles strongly contrasting and easily identifiable.

Working Process of Optical Inspection Machine

The bottle goes through the single station semi-automatic inspection machine into the bottle buffer mesh belt:

  • The inlet cylinder wheel
  • The high-speed rotating area before an inspection
  • Inspection area (the bottle arranged on the conveyor shaft by the bottle feeding device, when entering the observation area, the roller shaft motor rotates at high speed to drive the bottle to rotate at high speed, then the liquid in the bottle is speeded up to fluctuate and then cause the impurities to float inside the bottle, it then passes through the examination of the dark chamber, and then passes through the light curtain which is uses a concentrated light source, and causes the Tyndall effect under the light curtain, causing a strong contrast of the impurity for particles, which is very easily identified.

In addition, the small packaging defects and external defects of the bottle will be completely reflected by the magnifying glass. When the inspection person is confirming the non-qualified bottles, they only need to point it out by a press of a button of the ampoule injectable equipment, there is no need to take it out, when the non-qualified bottle is transported to the output, it will be automatically removed, greatly improving the working efficiency, while reducing labor intensity)

  • Non-qualified products rejection area
  • Bottle output track
  • Qualified bottle collection table


Features of Optical Inspection Machine

  • Accurate: It can detect reflective and opaque particles up to 20μm inside the product
  • Wide range: Detect particles inside the product, foreign matter inspection, filling level inspection, container appearance and function failure detection, label sticking and verification.
  • Reliable: The inspection machine is equipped with a high-resolution camera, a high-speed visual capture and processing system, and dual independent particle inspections to provide redundancy.
  • Intelligent: The machine is equipped with an automatic rejection system, which has various exit channels according to the nature of the defect detected.
  • Efficient: It provides advanced statistical analysis and detailed waste classification to help detect the causes of waste in the upstream production process.


Applications of Optical Inspection Machine

The automated optical inspection machine is able to connect with a forming line such as the Vials Forming Line, Cartridges Forming Line, or Pre-filled Syringes Forming Line.

  • There are many types of products that can be inspected: solution liquid, pure water, antibiotics, suspensions, eye drops, and diagnostic reagents.
  • A variety of defects can be detected: particles, impurities, appearance defects of glass containers, and microwave cracks.

applications of Automated Optical Inspection Machine

Technical Data
ApplicationsVials/Ampoules etc.
Capacity50-100   bottles / min
Operating ModeContinuous or intermittent   (with brake switch)
Excluding ModeAutomatic
Compressed Air Connection8mm
External Compressed Air6bar

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