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Automated Optical Inspection Machine

SED-QYDJ-C optical inspection machine is designed for the detection of insoluble visible foreign matter in transparent containers such as vials, ampoules, using the visual methods to distinguish between qualified and unqualified products.


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Features & Benefits

  • High-Resolution Cameras: Equipped with high-definition cameras capable of capturing detailed images of bottles passing through the inspection system.
  • Multiple Angle Inspection: Utilizes cameras positioned at various angles to inspect bottles comprehensively, checking for defects, contaminants, or inconsistencies.
  • Image Processing Algorithms: Advanced image processing software analyzes captured images, detecting abnormalities, foreign particles or other defects in bottles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive interfaces with user-friendly controls for operators to monitor the inspection process, adjust settings, and review inspection results.
  • Integration Capabilities: Ability to seamlessly integrate with other production line equipment or conveyor systems for streamlined bottle inspection in manufacturing plants.


Applicationvial 20-100mlvial 2-20mlvial 2-20ml
Inspection Speed (pcs/min)150






Voltage380(1±5%)V, 3-phrase, 50 Hz380(1±5%)V, 3-phrase, 50 Hz380(1±5%)V, 3-phrase, 50 Hz
Power (kW)555
Dimensions (mm)1540*1500*18001460*1050*20101610*1200*2020
Weight (kg)180010001200
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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