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Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

SED-QWJ-A automatic aerosol filling machine is suitable for all typical aerosol products packaging. It features with high speed production, high automation, stabe operation and more.


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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Aerosol Can Filling Machine

SED-QWJ-A aerosol filling machine for sale is designed for filling types of aerosol products into cans. It is made of high quality SUS316L material, meeting medical grade production standards. The highly automated machine features high efficiency, high precision, and high performance yielding consistent results.

Working Process Of Aerosol Filling Machine

The aerosol-can filling machine has the functions of inflating, sealing, filling and capping.

The operation process of this aerosol equipment begins with manual input of cans, followed by automatic conveyor intake of cans, automatic inflating and sealing, automatic filling, and automatic output of filled cans.

Features of Aerosol Can Filling Machine

  • Steady Production Speed: With the capacity of up to 1800 cans per hour
  • Accurate Filling: Precise aerosol filling machines with our high-quality PLC systems ensure that each can contains an accurate amount of content.
  • Stable Performance: Our stable high-performance equipment reduces the cost of maintenance and ensures the maximum ROI.
  • Easy Operation: Easy-to-operate machines are engineered to meet your needs for aerosol packaging and minimize any training cost.
  • Automatic Can-Conveying Mechanism


Applications of Aerosol Can Filling Machine

  • Personal Care Products: spray-on sunscreen, hair styling products, shaving cream, moisture spray, perfume, first aid sprays, deodorants and so on
  • Household Products: bath and kitchen cleaning products, air fresheners, furniture polishes, light oil and liquid lubricants, glass cleaners, paints, carpet cleaners
  • Lawn and Garden: hornet and wasp sprays, bug killers, bug repellant sprays, weed killers
  • Pharmaceuticals: wound cleansing sprays, bottled oxygen, nasal sprays

application of Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine


Aerosol filling capacity (ml)10-25010-250
Aerosol Inflating Capacity (ml)10-25030-1000
Filling Speed (cans/min)30-4080-90
Filling Accuracy≤± 1%≤± 1%
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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