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Automatic Alu Alu Strip Packing Machine SED-RP-F Series

SED-RP-F Series Alu-Alu strip blister packaging machine is applied to pack small solid products into striped pockets for better preservation. Commonly used for medicinal tablets packed into flat aluminum strips.

Product Description

Introduction of Alu-Alu Strip Packing Machine

The SED-RP-F series Alu-Alu blister packaging machine is designed to pack solid products in strip pockets for better preservation.

Products are sealed within pockets formed by two moving films, sealing of the pockets is done by two sealing rollers.

The Alu-Alu blister machine feeds capsules or tablets in-between two aluminum foils and then performs sealing, slitting, cutting and finally the output of the finished products. The finished products are good sealing and light protection, greatly lengthening the service life of the products and are convenient to carry in outdoors.

The machine can also be connected with other equipment including a cartoning machine, a labeling machine, a printing machine, etc.

Alu-Alu Packing Machine Working Process

    • Step1. Vibrator: The vibrator transfers products through feeding tubes to the feeding device.
    • Step2. Feeding Device:  The feeding device transfers products into the pocket of the sealing roller.
    • Step3. Sealing Roller: The two-tempered sealing roller seals two aluminum films.
    • Step4. Horizontal Perforation: The horizontal perforation lines on the sealed aluminum film.
    • Step5. Vertical Perforation: The vertical perforation lines on the sealed aluminum film.
    • Step6. Slitting: Splitting of sealed aluminum films in rows.
    • Step7. Drag Roller: The drag roller tenses the strip and makes sure that sealing and cutting is perfect.
    • Step8. Cutter: The cutter cuts aluminum strips.
    • Step9. Feeding Reject System (Optional): The reject system checks and rejects a missed feeding strip.
    • Step10. Product Output: Perfectly packed products are delivered.


Features of Alu-Alu Strip Blister Packaging Machine

  • The equipment shell is welded with stainless steel 304
  • Adopts PLC and touch screen control system
  • Adopts frequency converter step-less speed regulation
  • The temperature of the sealing roll mold is controlled by the analog temperature modul
  • Equipped with optional functions such as solid-state mold wheel coding, picture and text version matching

Applications of Alu-Alu Strip Blister Packaging Machine

The application of aluminum blister packaging varies among many shapes of products, such as capsules, tablets, pills, candies, etc.

The Alu-Alu strip blister packing machine is widely used in pharmacy, biotechnology, health supplements, nutritional supplements, natural food, etc.

Technical Data


Cutting Speed


Compressed Air0.45Mpa ≥0.2m³/min
Max. Film Width (mm)160250350
Film Roll Diameter (mm)300
Total Power (kW)2.753.754
Weight (kg)70011001200
Dimension (mm)1300*750*17001600*850*19001600*950*1900
Packing Size (mm)1500*1000*19001760*1070*19601760*1170*1960

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