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Automatic Aluminum Foil Effervescent Tube Packaging Machine

Automatic Aluminum Foil Tube Filling Machine Line adopts PLC and touch screen control, consists of tablet arranging and aluminum packing, tube unscrambler, tube pushing, cap feeder, and cap pressing, realizing the electromechanical integration.

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Features & Benefits

  • Inverter speed control
  • Automatic control of photoelectric scanning detection
  • Automatic fault alarm system: display fault information and reason, automatically stop the machine
  • Automatic feeding system including tablet feeding, paper feeding, tube feeding, etc.
  • Packing speed can reach 80-100 tubes per minute


Packing Speed (bottles/hr)4800-6000
Packing ShapeCylinder
Tablet Diameter (mm)18-25
Tablet Thickness (mm)4-10
Tube Height (mm)70-130
Voltage380V (Customizable)
Power (kW)5
Weight (kg)1800
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H mm)9000*1800*2000

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