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Aseptic Vial Filling Line

SED-XWGX-A aseptic vial filling and capping line integrates two functions of liquid filling and bottle capping. It runs smoothly, has stable performance, high measuring precision and fully meets the GMP requirements.


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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Aseptic Vial Filling Line

The production system of SED-XWGX-A aseptic filling line for vials consists of aseptic isolator, linear liquid filling machine, corking machine and multifunctional capping and sealing machine, which is capable of completing the processes of bottle management, bottle transfusion, filling, corking, capping, capping and sealing, and it is highly compliant with the requirements of GMP. It is composed of aseptic vial production line, and each functional section of the equipment can be used separately.

Features of Aseptic Vial Filling Line

  • Sensitive control system, stable performance, convenient operation
  • Adopting frequency conversion speed regulation to meet different output requirements
  • Continuous in and out of the bottle mode, no squeeze bottle, bottle phenomenon
  • Equipped with metering pump fine-tuning device, high metering precision, easy to adjust;
  • Star turntable is quick to change and easy to operate


Capacity (bottles/min)20-50
Applicable Bottles2-20ml

Plastic or glass bottles

Filling Heads2
Filling Accuracy± 1%
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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