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Automatic Powder Filling Machine SED-4FGX

SED-4FGX automatic powder filling machine is designed for filling various powder and granular products into bottles. It adopts PLC and HMI control systems,  to realize quantitative filling accurately.

Product Description

Introduction of Dry Powder Filling Machine

SED-4FGX powder filling machine is one type of auger filling equipment for dry powders. It adopts 4 filling heads and makes use of screw metering filling method,  which better controls the flow of powder and granular products. The filling capacity can be quantitatively controlled, and equipped with fault-checking device to ensure accurate and safe production.

Features of Dry Powder Filling Machine

  • Comply with GMP standards
  • Stable PLC and HMI control system
  • High quality stainless steel contact parts
  • Easy to change and disassemble
  • Electrical configuration can be updated according to specific needs


Applications of Dry Powder Filling Machine

SED-4FGX automatic powder filler can be applied to types of dry powders and granules in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetic industries. The common products including protein powder, coffee powder, milk powder, detergent powder, etc.

Technical Data
Applicable Bottle Diameter (mm)16-40 (can be customized)
Applicable Bottle Height (mm)60-120 (can be customized)
Capacity (bottles/min)80-120
Supply Power220V  50Hz
Weight (kg)700
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1900*1000*1550

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