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Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine SED-WT

The horizontal auto round bottle labeler is applied for round bottles in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other related industries. It can realize realize the labeling of the whole circle or half circle.

Product Description

Introduction of Round Bottle Labeling Machine

SED-WT bottle sticker labelling machine is designed in a horizontal type, to comprehensively realize the labeling of round bottles, small tapered bottles in the entire circumference, and half-circle and full-circle tubes. Optional color band marking machine can be configured to print the production date and batch number, making it easier to track and manage them through the supply chain.

The auto labeler can be used independently, or connected with other bottling device such as bottle uscrambelr and liquid filling machine to set up a production line.

Features of Round Bottle Labeling Machine

  • PLC, touch screen, standard sensor electronic control system
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, strong structure
  • No object, no labeling
  • Automatic fault detection function
  • High labeling positioning accuracy
  • Finished with smooth and wrinkle-free labeling


Applications of Round Bottle Labeling Machine

Pharmaceutical Industry: reagent bottle, vial bottle, oral bottle, etc.

Food Industry: seasoning bottle, milk bottle, etc.

Chemical Industry: test tube, cleaner bottle, etc.

Cosmetic Industry: perfume sample bottle, lip balm tube, etc.

Technical Data
Bottle Diameter (mm)15-35
Production Speed (bottles/min)20-60
PowerAC220V 50Hz 0.25KW

(L*W*H mm)

Air Consumption (MPa)0.6
Weight (kg)230

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