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Automatic Ultrasonic Glass Bottle Washing Machine SED-CXP

The Ultrasonic bottle washing machine, an essential preparation machine for specific production lines; it is a dedicated machine for cleaning penicillin bottles and oral liquid bottles.


Product Description

Introduction of Ultrasonic Glass Bottle Washer

SED-CXP Ultrasonic bottle washing machine is designed according to the washing requirements for pharmaceutical sterile powder needle, freeze-dried and oral liquid products, and fully conforms to the “GMP” production scale standard.

This equipment mainly adopts ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure water spraying, backflushing, air blow drying and automated frequency control. It runs smoothly and has a very low crushing rate. At the same time, bottles of certain specifications can be cleaned and replaced conveniently. The spraying process is composed of firstly, deionized water; secondly, injection water; and lastly, air blowing. Water and air are sprayed vertically and evenly.

Features of Ultrasonic Glass Bottle Washer

  • Avoids dead corner and bottleneck puncturing caused by hairbrush
  • The device will not start and automatically shuts down if water level is below minimum standards
  • Materials in contact with product is AISI 304
  • Adopts crawler-type to deliver bottles, enough time in ultrasonic water tank
  • Water pouring time after rinsing is longer, no residual water left in bottles
  • Same direction for bottle input and output, saving labor and room
  • Bottle input adopts the combination of bottle hook and guide plate, no bottle reversals
  • Bottle output from washing machine adopts twice-bottle-receiving technology, avoiding bottle reversal and brakage
  • Operator safety guards around the machine, made in s/s panels finely secured with plexiglass windows
  • Complete with interlock devices according to the CE norms


Applications of Ultrasonic Glass Bottle Washer

Automatic rotary vial washing machine can be used for bottle washing of glucose, antibiotic, amino acid, fat emulsion, nutrient solution and biological agents and other medical liquids (like tincture liquid) etc.

application of Ultrasonic Glass Bottle Washing Machine

Technical Data
Applicable Bottlesampoules, vials, antibiotic bottles, oral liquid bottles, etc.
Specification (ml)101-5010100
Capacity (bottles/min)50-70100-120200-300120
Power (kW)3.5351.6
Voltage (V)380380/220380220
Water Pressure (MPa)0.250.3-
Water Consumption (m³/hr)/1-20.8/
Air Pressure (MPa)0.150.6-
Air Consumption (m³/hr)/30-5060/
Dimensions (L*W*H mm)1800*1000*13002300*2300*15002300*1950*13002600*1000*1800

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