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Double Cone Commercial Mixing Machine

The double cone industrial tank mixers have the perfect mixing effect for dry powder or granule materials with good fluidity. It features low power consumption, easy operation, low labor consumption and high efficiency.

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Features & Benefits

Introduction of Double Cone Mixer

The double cone mixing machine is designed for mixing more than two kinds of dry powder and particles evenly, features with the uniform coefficient of variation is less than or equal to 4% degrees. It’s easy to operate, with an evenly mixing effect, and the feeding can be equipped with a vacuum suction device.

Working Principle

Powder or granule materials are fed into a double cone tank through a vacuum conveyor or manual feeding. The materials are uniformly mixed in the double cone mixing tank along with the rotation of the mixing tank with an agitator.

The moving parts of the mechanical agitator will shear the liquid when it is rotated. Meanwhile, the liquid is also subjected to shearing action when flowing through the wall and various fixing members installed in the container. These shearing effects will cause many local eddy current diffusions.

For liquids of different densities, composition, and immiscibility, the shearing action caused by the agitation and the strong turbulence shred the dense liquid into small droplets and uniformly disperse it into the main liquid.

Features of Double Cone Mixer

  • According with GMP standards
  • Made of stainless steel butterfly valve, convenient for loading, unloading and cleaning
  • Rapidly mix materials that easily clot and with certain water content
  • Fast mixing speed and good mixing effect
  • The interior of this chemical mixing machine adopts a new type of sealing structure
  • Free of pollution during mixing
  • Simple structure and maintenance, convenient operation

Applications of Double Cone Mixing Machine

The commercial blending machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetic industries, etc.

application of couble cone mixing machine


Total Volume (m³)
Capacity (kg/batch)50601002003004005006008001000
Mixing Time (min)4-86-106-106-106-106-106-106-106-106-10
Rotate Speed (rpm)151512121212127.87.87.8
Motor Power (kW)
Overall Size (L*W*H) (mm)1400×800×18501685×800×18501910×800×19402765×1500×23702960×1500×24803160×1900×35003386×1900×35604450×2200×36004750×2500×36805100×2300×3850
Weight (kg)28031055081098015002150250032003500
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Professional After-Service Team
Stable Operation and Reasonable Structure
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