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Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine Fully Automatic SED-PTG

The automatic effervescent tablets tube filling machine adopts a PLC for centralized control. It is verified in fiber and photoelectric detection and other kinds of detection to have steady performance and reliably automatic operation.

Product Description

Description of Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

The automatic effervescent tablet tube filling machine automatically alarms and shuts down if it detects there are no tablets, bottles or covers. The machine’s contact components with the tablets are made of superior 316 stainless steel, which is why it meets GMP requirements.

Features of Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

  • Cap vibrating system: Manually loads caps into a hopper and automatically arranges caps to rack for plugging by the vibrating system.
  • Tablet feeding system: Manually load tablets into the hopper. Automatic vibrating sends tablets to channels for packing preparation.
  • Tube feeding unit: Manually loads tube into the hopper. The shaking system will send the tube to the rack automatically. The tube direction should be checked manually before putting it into the hopper.
  • Cap pushing unit: When the tube gets tablets, the cap pushing system will push the cap and close the tube automatically. There is a detection and alert system for no tablet-no capping and no tube-no capping.
  • Electronic control section: This machine is controlled by PLC, cylindrical and stepper motor with an automatic multi-function alarm system.
  • Main materials: The machine plate and frame are composed of steel and enamel paint, the platform cover is 304, the other components have aluminum alloy sandblasting, 304 stainless steel, and all the materials in touch with a tablet will adopt sus316.


Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

Application of Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

SED-PTG automatic effervescent tablets tube filler machine for bobbin bottles is applicable to the packing of bigger and thinner tablets which are orderly fed into bobbin bottles/tubes in a single row in an overlapping way.


If you want to read more information about effervescent tablets, please read “The Ultimate FAQ On Effervescent Tablet”.

If you are a professional effervescent tablet manufacturer, we recommend to you a tablet press machine, capping machine, shrink sleeve label applicator and other packaging equipment to form a complete effervescent tablet production line.

Technical Data
Capacity (bottles/min)20-4060-80
Power (kW)1.51.5

(L * W * H mm)

Air Pressure & Consumption0.5~0.6MPa


Weight (kg)480500

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