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Effervescent Tablets Tube Filling Machine

The automatic effervescent tablets tube filling machine adopts a PLC for centralized control. It is verified in fiber and photoelectric detection and other kinds of detection to have steady performance and reliably automatic operation.

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Features & Benefits

  • Cap vibrating system: Manually loads caps into a hopper and automatically arranges caps to rack for plugging by the vibrating system.
  • Tablet feeding system: Manually load tablets into the hopper. Automatic vibrating sends tablets to channels for packing preparation.
  • Tube feeding unit: Manually loads tube into the hopper. The shaking system will send the tube to the rack automatically. The tube direction should be checked manually before putting it into the hopper.
  • Cap pushing unit: When the tube gets tablets, the cap pushing system will push the cap and close the tube automatically. There is a detection and alert system for no tablet-no capping and no tube-no capping.
  • Electronic control section: effervescent tablets packaging by PLC control, cylindrical and stepper motor with an automatic multi-function alarm system.
  • Main materials: The machine plate and frame are composed of steel and enamel paint, the platform cover is 304, the other components have aluminum alloy sandblasting, 304 stainless steel, and all the materials in touch with a tablet will adopt sus316.


Model NameSED-40PTG
Capacity (tubes/hr)1200-2400
ApplicationDiameter of Tablet: Ø12-30mm

Thickness of Tablet: 3-8mm

Loading Quantity: 8-30 pcs/tube

Height of Tube: 84-144mm

Voltage220V  50Hz  Single Phase
Power (kW)1.5
Compressed Air (MPa)0.5-0.6
Air Consumption (m³/min)0.28
Weight (kg)640
Overall Dimension

(L*W*H mm)

RemarkThis machine can only be used for only one tablet diameter and tube diameter, but the thickness of tablet and the height of the tube can be changed by changing the optional mold.

This machine is equipped with a vacuum interface, and the diameter of the interface is Ø38mm. Customers need to prepare the vacuum cleaner by themselves.

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