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Electronic Capsule Counter Machine for Pharmacy SED-24S

SED-24S Electronic Capsule Counter Machine is a 24-channel counting machine, which is widely applied for tablet and capsule counting for large-scale productions in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, labs, etc.

Product Description

Introduction of SED-24S Automatic Capsule Counter

The SED-24S electronic capsule counter machine is fed via a lane stainless steel sanitary conveyor system and a pneumatic bottle gating system, then dropped individually, while accurately counted, into a bottle or container on a conveyor. A large touch screen allows you to easily set up the number of counts.

Features of SED-24S Capsule Counting Machine

  • Ideal for irregular-shaped tablets.
  • Count to 10000 in quantity.
  • Accurate counting, the accuracy reaches 99.9%.
  • Compact structure, stability and durability, no regular replacement parts, small footprint, the use of low cost.
  • Easy to maintain and operator friendly.
  • Touch screen: Dual version Chinese & English, can store multi-group set of parameters; multi-level password management system, to protect the data.
  • Efficient container handling system.
  • Easy to clean and set up.


Applications of SED-24S Electronic Tablet Capsule Counting Machine

The SED-24S electronic tablet capsule counting machine can count & fill different shapes or sizes of products accurately like soft gel capsules, hard gel capsules, tablets, sugar coating, and film coating tablets, pills, herb medicine or similar products into jars, bottles, or containers.

The machine can be used independently or also with the round turntable, automatic bottle capping machine, sealing and labeling machine and other supporting equipment to form a bottling line.

Electronic Capsule Counter Machine for Pharmacy SED-24S

Technical Data
Application1. Filled capsule(000-5#)

2. Soft Gelatin capsule

3. chewing gum

4. tablet

5. other solid object under machine range

Hopper Volume (L)70
Capacity10-90 bottles/min

(30-100 pcs/bottle)

Filling Quantity2-9999 pcs/bottle (adjustable)
Bottle SizeDiameter: 30-100mm

Height: 40-180mm

Counting SizePills with a diameter of 22mm or less are compatible with 000-5# capsules soft capsules with diameters of 3.5mm-22mm plain tablets special-shaped tablets sugar-coated tablets
Compressed air0.6MPa  4L/min
Power220V/50Hz   1kW
Machine Weight (kg)560
Machine Size (L*W*H mm)1560*1530*1700

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